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I have AND it's really disgusting. It tastes about the same as a raw potato smells view>>>
why not? view>>>
That wasn't a chick. view>>>
Everyone is Anonymous view>>>
it was the gay fishe's massive boner! They screamed and... view>>>
each of them (except the big purple fish, who was busy masturbating) figured out that there was more... view>>>
hop on Reddit and browse r/gonewild and..... view>>>
You misread the instruction manual that came with your dog. You're supposed to give him a <b>bone... view>>>
Sorry, but I cannot translate Bitchanese, please find someone else! view>>>
I'm not your pal, buddy. view>>>
fuckin pies! view>>>
And we all check out our own farts...'sniff, sniff...' You KNOW you do! view>>>
you made me spew my coffee with laughter... I totally get you... view>>>
stupid view>>>
im not view>>>
if theres a smith theres a matrix view>>>
now thats random! view>>>
i mean a doctor named jesus view>>>
u need jesus in your life view>>>
lkh.gkfkyfy-ó´f view>>>
looks like chocolate view>>>
Finally, someone who understands. view>>>
Yes, dweeb. view>>>
Certainly, once AGAIN, my friend. I know where you live. You were the same person who posted the tho... view>>>
Certainly, once again, my friend. view>>>
Certainly, my friend. Touché view>>>
I agree with Anonymous view>>>
and common sense is not so dnt evn try.. view>>>
BACON! Throw...the...cheeeseee! view>>>
Yessss...errrr, I mean, no! view>>>
That feels about right. view>>>
Oh that just f**ked upp my pc view>>>
No, no the even out the world, just me... view>>>
otherwise they would never sponsore them view>>>
Awww 3> whait, how do you turn the 3 around? view>>>
if you bealive in god it is the same designer. but otherwise we are the same view>>>
I think the light is from the doctors flashlight shining it in your eye to see if you are still aliv... view>>>
:3 I know that feeling view>>>
fjelicn k view>>>
seriously everyone stop being racist to these people. they have rights, they deserve more than this,... view>>>
but they accidently somehow watched the twilight films and it cured them, they thought it was so shi... view>>>
heck yeaz! view>>>
LOL. You date a farmer, then, I take it? view>>>
Hmmmm...that's a tough one. I suppose it depends which way it was said. Like if it was said to egg y... view>>>
Er...why did you make her clean up. YOU are the bitch. view>>>
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