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are you a vampire http://funnypisa.blogspot.com/2012/06/blog-post.html view»
I need video Ideas :( view»
oakum, plectrum, ice plow, nagor, wonder if it's worth wondering why view»
The two moebius strips' Guitars also differed in their assassins. They Liked to Creed Thy enemies an... view»
Fuck them! view»
cask,magus,book what then view»
Do you like shrimp? view»
I want to live on a cloud .. But They are translucent hence I been falling .. I guess particlaly all... view»
How much of my lifetime will I spend on the toilet? Years lost to grunting bowel movements? Fuck. view»
I feel like giving up. No matter how hard i try I feel like I cant even break even. So many people a... view»
I lover her and she knows it. But she don't feel the same about me right now. I want to tell her "I ... view»
People who have something bbad to say, never feel good about themselves. view»
Its hard to date a farmer... he doesnt go to the amusement park with you becarse hes milking cows an... view»
i hate it when your boyfriend says throught a text im breaking up............(another message) with.... view»
ubcbujfcvydrctfujygkhbnihnuyblik view»
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lRxidNbkW-k" frameborder="0" allo... view»
It's Pineapple Time!!! =) http://youtu.be/lRxidNbkW-k view»
Why did Cinderella wear glass slippers? Wouldn't that be super uncomfortable? And what if she steppe... view»
the word yellow has Yell Ow in it view»
What was the man that discovered milk doing to that cow? view»
i need a boyfriend who will just hold me view»
If someone says "come on, punch me in the face, I dare you, punch me in the face, do it, come on, pu... view»
I have an idea. Lets have a pretty lady with a headset on featured on a used auto parts website. I t... view»
Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> minecraftnow.us << view»
I thought about doing 'IT'.... I decided to do 'IT'.... I did 'IT'.... 'IT' was fun... 'IT' made me ... view»
If they don't want ACC NZ sending mass data files mistakenly why don't they get someone to write cod... view»
Why do all high budget movies have to have the same generic Hans Zimmer score? view»
R.I.P To the girl you used to see, her days are over, baby she's over, I decided to give you all of ... view»
What colours do Smurfs turn when you choke them? view»
Quiet nights :) view»
Behind Every Successful WOMEN..Is HERSELF :) view»
My wife is the best she listens to all my coulda woulda shouldas view»
Im not sure if I did try my hardest because if I had then wouldn't I have made it? But in the same t... view»
At least liam and Noel got to make it :( view»
Go here http://wamjelly.com.com/?ref=486728 Go here http://wamjelly.com.com/?ref=486728 Go h... view»
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream view»
Go here http://wamjelly.com.com/?ref=486728 for free microsoft points view»
The PROBLEM is not that there are PROBLEMS, but the PROBLEM is expecting otherwise and thinking that... view»
I actually liked the previous one... view»
I really wish I had someone to talk to.., I am more confused more than ever.. I don't have assurance... view»
Get out get out my head you've got that one thing view»
mothers are fathers brothers are sisters sisters are mothers and fathers are brothers view»
Summer time 2012! view»

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