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If you look at your hands just random about ten times a day, will you then do the same thing in your... view»
Sometimes what I say fuk it I mean it #smh view»
Sex is great but STDs and babies are not so great! view»
pie... Pie... PIe..... PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! view»
Ever thought if the light you see at the end of the tunnel when you die is just you being re-born in... view»
I like Kaidan Alenko of Mass effect better than my actual boyfriend. Check my google history, I'm lo... view»
Religion sucks, but it keeps people out of trouble. view»
I look around the office & I realize that me working in this place is in a way that I'm paying to so... view»
Light can travel to the infinite without return, so the hopes of a poor man. view»
I just got this number as well. I did not pickup. I was too busy playing Battlefield 2. I cannot ... view»
You don't know how much you love him until loving him is all you have left view»
You don't realize how strong you are until being strong is your only option view»
You don't realize how much you love him until he's gone. view»
Ok, is it just me or would it be SO awesome to be in the FBI???? (comment your opion) view»
Whatcha doin'? Putting random thoughts in the computer, of course! What a nice way to waste my life... view»
OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, why exactly do I care?? view»
Oh my gosh I love you, (celebrity)!!!! -2 monthes later- oh, he's got a girlfriend. Screw that. view»
"Honey, I'm home!" "Dude, why you goin' all Bill Cosby?" view»
Uhhh, not again. My brother is yelling at his friend Cory through Xbox Live- again. "Cory, RUN, RU... view»
Im a muffin view»
If you want to be 50% more awesome, go watch thecomputernerd01 videos on the youtuber. NOW view»
Im a moose named fredrick view»
Ok, so the other day a friend and I were watching The Notebook. And there was a guy named Noah. An... view»
That moment when you flip your hair for your crush and smash your head in the wall! Hahahaha view»
The dirt under my toes remind me of Miles Finch from ELF! view»
How awesome would it be to be in the FBI??? view»
How do you tell a clingy friend (that you still want to be best friends with) to back off a bit? :-& view»
Don't judge me by my behind. I put it the past! view»
I went on the first date with this lady. She ended up coming home with me. When we got to my house, ... view»
<b>This is some life advice for you:</b> There are a whole bunch of correct ways to do things and... view»
619 770 0226 SARAH CALL THAT BITCH view»
I look at you and my heart melts. I didn't know what to say. I looked at you and you looked away. No... view»
Wow, people have some random shit going through their heads... view»
This is the 2nd time a guy leaves me with no explanation, is it something i did or what tge fuck im ... view»
You are beautiful, No matter what they say Words can't bring you down. view»
I'm pretty sure that no one I know used this website, so...I love you James Paice! I want to tell yo... view»
Don't change for the one you love. I tried to act tough and swear so the boy of my dreams would like... view»
Be yourself. view»
do you enjoy pie? view»
i hate when all my friend turn into a blueberry view»
I wonder if I want to keep living if i'm incapable of any type of productive change, I don't know wh... view»
I saw police cars surrounding the bar and think of the ex. Is he in trouble? Again. It's a bar. Cou... view»
Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonn... view»
Google "Hydeff Photography" and like us on facebook please and thank you. view»
Do.Fail. Do Again. Fail Better.Try". Ethan D.A view»

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