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But Tag- Spank your opponet(s) on the booty view»
im jeff:) 19 and bored text me !! 520 955 7472 view»
Things said in extremis. There was often a lot of truth to be found there, once you got beyond the p... view»
Kickstarter is awesome. view»
4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L view»
Crapcrappitycrap view»
Don’t buy flowers. Don’t buy me gifts. Don’t celebrate anniversaries. There needs not be commi... view»
These shoes only hurt when I'm sleepy. view»
on Prayer? I'm just: living on a praaaaayer view»
As of April 20,2012.. 43,050 thoughts and 49,232 comments. It seems people using this site are more ... view»
So, I went to my new doctor for a physical. He told me to drop my pants. He said: "Holy shit! Th... view»
girls with big butts work at hooters then do girls with one leg work at IHOP? view»
If a UFO is identified as a UFO wouldnt that make it not a UFO? view»
If the world was made of candy and chocolate, how long would it be until someone invents the microwa... view»
Is the sun really there? view»
Zen Navigation on Wikipedia is fun! view»
The next time someone calls you, answer your phone and say "911 what's your emergency?" Do It! view»
Ya know what candy I think is truest to the natural flavor? Cinnamon. view»
I am a guy and I love to touch other guy's faces...with my fist...really hard...it feels so good! It... view»
One to None is our reality view»
Shwooah...my life view»
That means I saw a Phoenix in the sky and saw all 26 letters of the alphabet dancing through space view»
The women that played the orphanage lady in home alone 2 view»
There are angels in the outfield view»
Erin just said there was so much love going through the phone right now and can henry come too view»
hook comb is the best comb view»
asdfsadfsdfafdsdfadfsadf view»
Internet Web System II view»
Some fun days at school! view»
Welcome to the jungle! view»
I really want to call a hooker or go to that massage parlor I used to go to... view»
I'm from another world-but I can never tell anyone. Honestly, though, I'm not doing that great a j... view»
I wonder what would happen if you jumped out an airplane with nothing but a scuba suit, three goats,... view»
They should really invent an overnight tampon. view»
I love love and hate hate. view»
The world is gonna end cos the polar chocolate is melting and rainforests are not raining enough! view»
I may or may not know when the world shall end! view»
Last night i had a dream. and i cant remember what it was about. but the more i thouoght about it th... view»
i think i just friendzoned myself. view»
I LOVE ANNY NE!!!!!!!! view»
my brother's hot. view»
incest is kinky. view»
I fuck my cousin. And we had 4 rounds. view»
Heart: Haaiii, hehe, wanna see a cool trick? Mind: Sure. Heart: BEATBEATBEATBEATBEATBEATBEATBE... view»
does this look infected? view»

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