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I bought a lemon for $14,800. That was the most expensive piece of fruit I have ever purchased! view»
I need another ticket view»
I can't sit still for falling flat view»
In his own write, He filled jam jars with Marmite, As Cane and Abel's cobra bite, Killed Dennis H... view»
Let's pretend that people choose to be gay. (This is, of course, 100% untrue, but let's just pretend... view»
I wish she would let me have other sex partners in bed with us... I love sex. :) view»
What was in space before space? view»
I wish it would rain on me today. view»
I thought of you then smiled view»
what if this lives happened before, but all the evidence is technology which gets destroyed and all ... view»
I feel bad for the younger generations. Growing up we had love songs that didn't involve cursing and... view»
I want to be the kid everyone likes. I’m so sick and tired of fighting. Why can’t I be the one w... view»
You must have fun tonight. Go for it! view»
Tomorrow tell that bitch off! view»
Think about the last time you ran view»
Call a friend, they'd appreciate that. view»
How much you benchin? view»
Wash your hands. view»
She's hot, isn't she? view»
You're not as much of a jerk as you think view»
He's bullshitting you view»
You remember that weird guy you met last week? view»
You know what the right thing to do is, so do it. view»
Look at today with a positive start. If it ends up being the worst day of your life, as long as you'... view»
I feel like a lady who's pregnant with a baby because I'm always throwing up. Blegh. view»
I'm not a vampire but I feel like one. Today. I sleep all day because I hate the sunlight. view»
I was hysterical yesterday. Could not sleep, or control what I said or did. It was awesome. It will ... view»
Someone I do not like, I guess I kinda hate, came today. Now my day got worse. view»
Transparent Hippopotamus view»
I set fire to the rain...watched it pour....as i touched your face..WTF Adele? view»
Hear me r-(voimets) view»
What is a thought view»
am i the only guy that appologizes after walking into a chair view»
women should be banned from facebook yall need to shutup view»
How to Know where a Driver is from One hand on wheel, one hand on horn: New York One hand on w... view»
A suspicious husband hired a private eye to check on the movements of his wife. In addition to a wri... view»
the steak im eating is cover in the cow's urine view»
^ my dog wont stop craping view»
maried men live longer than than single men but maried men are more willing to die. view»
never eat poop lazanga (poop, paper, etc.) view»
wemen DO NOT fart,swet,spit,or burp therefore they must bitch or they will blowup. view»
why do farts stink women out of my lovelife view»
why is grass green view»
I masterbated so fast my hand and pinis cought on fire view»

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