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people that only think in themselves should try to live with themselves for a looong time view»
If these are the thoughts people are having, then god help us all view»
If pickles could dance on top of a mountian of cream cheese.... view»
Your donkey has a mustache. view»
Why is your penguin in the hot tub? view»
poor you view»
I honestly do this to myself. I feel bad because I'm probably playing with your feelings, and it fuc... view»
Make me a sandwich view»
once i drank a bit of my moms wine and it burned :3 view»
you know, sometimes i just get obsessed with a celebrity for no reason. right now its Demi Lovato, A... view»
Is anyone else pissed off that Kristen Stewart is in the new snow white movie? WTF. Seriously, WTF?! view»
maybe poop tastes like bacon and we're all just too afraid to know it. view»
http://www.gofundme.com/nwpsw please anything will help! view»
Let's unfollow all the boys... view»
My back has some pretty good connections. view»
Slap it on my ass ass ass ass ass. view»
fuck niggers, jews rule!!! view»
You know what I was thinking today? When a spider comes down off the ceiling on its web, does it tic... view»
Self harm thoughts have been eating me alive. 6 months I've been clean, then last night I made a lit... view»
If you think I want to pay $39.95 for a small print of an uneven photograph of a quilt, you might be... view»
Watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, while wearing a DC shirt. Yeah, I'm just that cool of a girl. view»
I always knew my rap career would take me places in life. view»
If God made adam and eve and they mad us then who made god? does this mean every single person is re... view»
i am going to murder a grocery store with a vcr player then tango with a goose and makeout with the ... view»
i wear man diapers and i like it because it feels warm and mushy on my behind. and i like it that wa... view»
there is poop in my pants and im going to keep typing because my sister wants to type and i hater he... view»
poop is very scenty view»
let it rip view»
Have you ever wondered if a twinky could be purple climbing a brick wall with santa dressed in blue ... view»
get personal with them i love you ... - patrick star view»
Settling down in the suburbs. I'm just not ready yet! Why should I be ready? I'm in my early 20s! I'... view»
If you want to change something you must sacrifice something too. You can't have everything at all. view»
Maybe I watch too much TV. Maybe I listen to too much music. Maybe my mind is contaminated with over... view»
And to think, you were the one I was saving my heart for. view»
i just hope that everyone is still here by the end of this. view»
when you dont have the motivation, where do you go. view»
(tune of call me maybe chorus) Jelly bean sandwich, It might sound crazy! But Not with gummies... view»
I just got hit in the face with a tuxedo view»
Hey why are you eating those jelly beans with your toes!! view»
Can boys suck their own cock? view»
Kenco is much nicer tasting than Nescafe and it has a nice aroma view»
I wonder if fish ever try to drown each other view»
Damien, I wish I had the strength to ignore you. Just like you ignore me </3 view»
And then the clouds rolled in and with them the rain. And I was alone once again. view»
Jennifer Marrone of selden, you are a used up, unwanted, disgusting gutter whore. Die. view»

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