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Init tho view>>>
black people suck view>>>
Hey there, kids! We're going to tell a story! Thats right, I said all! It is the job of each reader ... view>>>
if you read please dont if i get 100+ comments i made a bet with my friend that i will pierce my nip... view>>>
Platinum rings and golden necklaces are for me! view>>>
A vacation is what I need! Aruba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico... I want to go there someday... view>>>
MEAT IS MURDER!!! view>>>
what is your name? view>>>
3 letters view>>>
Apparenlty BP is finally going with the idea of stuffing the oil leak with mud, in hopes to staunch ... view>>>
"Sugar" -- System of a Down view>>>
I Iz bOReD InIt Tho !!!! im At SKl @ DA Mo !!!! OMG ! boReD view>>>
If Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land view>>>
all religeon is a lie view>>>
Tenthousand characters!!!!!!!!!! we can write ten thousand charaters!!!! that's so freaking much and... view>>>
lets destroy the guy who posts the sam ecomment on evey thought to do this press 911 view>>>
What clothes are you wearing? view>>>
thoughts on this site are with little intellect. view>>>
Ohh, I smell so good :P view>>>
i have alot of thoughts. its hard to just add 1. view>>>
karen smells view>>>
are all men looking for cybersex online? view>>>
Pineapples are a great conversation starter! view>>>
if dogs run free... view>>>
why is gay bad? view>>>
why do female tenis players make sex noises when they serve. dum dum dummmmmmm. view>>>
The Big Cheese! view>>>
farts smell bad view>>>
wow thats a long swear view>>>
i ready 4 school 2 start. view>>>
what does ftw mean? view>>>
ah? view>>>
Who is your daddy? view>>>
10+10+10+10=? view>>>
Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar for her own gain. -- she would make a great US president then!!! view>>>
lifes a bitch and then you die view>>>
http://maximumride.blogspot.com/ view>>>
What if there were a secret group who were especially skilled to do one thing constantly over and ov... view>>>
like a plant? view>>>
fetch doggy good boy yes u r the gud boy view>>>
Windows sux big time view>>>
Avra Cadavra! view>>>
True of false: Is George W Bush an idiot? Why? Comments only. view>>>
Linkin Park-Leave Out All The Rest (Lyrics and Video) - by <b>Linkin Park</b> <br> I dreamed I was... view>>>
why is this duck looking at me cross view>>>
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