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Avra Cadavra!


1) I am guessing that is either a name or not English!

2) Abra Cadabra! It is magical!

3) Voldemort was ready to make the last horocrux when he killed Harry's parents, and when the Avra Cadavra curse backfired.

4) It is from Harry Potter you silly's!

5) Yes, it is a curse in Harry Potter. happy smiley. Anonymous

6) Do you know why the curse backfired? Anonymous

7) Avada kedavra...?
-cc. cc

8) Avra Cadavra, hoodini bo bini, oohnta boonta, woody woo...the curse is on you! Anonymous

9) Anonymous

10) I invented avra cadavra! And thats the majic that the potters need to make happen according to cadavra's way. Mine is of course the legit way but unfortunately I can no longer do anything about it, but make those new friends I tried to make like they thought me in the good places. And as for cadavra he's not welcome in the havra where I work because he is cursed. And brings with him great destruction , mayhem and disheartenment.She told me he is laying it and he said he got shot, better configure hte plot or end up in jail or shot this opportunity is all that I got and the beat goes on dnnanananna, who are you anonymous people, you riddle and play fiddle when I between a rock and a hard spot, in the middle? Anonymous

11) Booh hoo and fuck you too, who you gonna run to when the gats on you?

reworked ly rics fron cypres hill. Anonymous

12) If you don't have my money I'll split your head open in the back, and just about hte time your commin out of your coma I'll be comin out a jail, and guess what I'll split your head opne again, because I'm stupid see, I don't care about jail, that's my buisiness thats what I do.

Avra cadavra. Anonymous

13) Max the bat ,gat rat a ta tat splat cat fat, and thats that, under which hat,nat brat and flat, shat , rat. Anonymous

14) Hute couture tags,
designer hand bags,
diamond brags,
elli rags. Anonymous

15) I-E-A-I-A-I-O,
I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Why,
And we light up the sky,
I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Why,
And we light up the sky.

Mine delusions acquainted,
Bubbles erotica,
Plutonium wedding rings,
Icicle stretchings,
Bicycle shoestrings,
One flag, flag everyone,
Painting the paintings of the alive!

I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Why,
And we light up the sky,
I-E-A-I-A-I-O, Why,
And we light up the sky. Anonymous

16) Vito ritz
the galm and the glitz
as the boss at the top he sits
in this cuthroat business he more than slits
he surely hits
and the blood splatters and spits
when he on you he puts his mits
no small potatoes, big grits
and the stuff that comprises his blitz
what happens when he gets into fits. Anonymous

17) Oh ti's about harry potter just got the message, sorry. Anonymous

18) Avada. Kedavra. Avada Kedavra. Learn the spell if you insist on discussing it, talking about, or anything at all. AVADA KEDAVRA.
The killing curse. When cast there is a flash of the color green and the sound of rushing death. Learn it. Know it. Fear it.
MoonShoesPotter out. Anonymous

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