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1) No! Everything that people can eat was once alive! Water is the only non-living substance that we consume!

2) So, eating is murder!

3) Cows don't have feelings!

4) Cows do have feelings!!

5) If meat is murder then all carnivores and omnivores woud me put away and the herbivores would overpopulate the earth as we do now.

6) You're an idiot.

Meat is not murder, murder is what should happen to you and the millions of the rest of you.

We're omnivores. Be yourself. Eat meat.

Ugly, ugly ignorance.

7) Congrats, your a vegan/vegetarian. Now shit the hell up, get off your high horse, and let the rest of us make our own choices. Anonymous

8) Made a typo. *shut the hell up. Anonymous

9) So killing things to eat them is murder? Plants are iving things...o_O Cows are just too stupid to stop us from eating them. They're toxic to our environment, with their poo and whatnot. Plants actually produce a cleaner air wit more oxygen for our breathing comforts. So if you eat plants instead of animals, your hurting the world instead of helping it! If any animal we eat were becoming endangered, I'm sure we wouldn't let them become extinct. Thats how life is. You eat, you sleep, and you go to the bathroom. And in these modern times, you can get on the internet and tell everyone anything and everything. If chickens could fly, we probably wouldn't be eating them so much. Same with turkeys. Do people eat humingbirds? No, because they are fast enough to get away. I agree with #7. Good for you, you only eat the stuff that gives us oxygen instead of eating all the nutritious foods you need.
(oh hey...id be potterotter22 @ like, yahoo.com...jejeje). cc

10) Life feeds on life. It is necessary. Anonymous

11) Alright so everybody stop eating meat, then wed all be weak and thered be too many cows and chickens and such. Wed die out. Anonymous

12) I think abortion is great. It kills all the worthless liberal babies. COOL!!! Anonymous

13) Abortion is not cool it is killing young kids if ou think it is even close to being alright or col you are so frickien loony go to hell try it once for our self you will change your mind so it will slap you and being a vegatarian is better than killin or murdering innocent and helpless LIVIN AND FEELING CRETURES!!!!!!! Now go ahead you will feel pain how about they kill you and use you as food how would you feel THINK ABOUT IT. Anonymous

14) And people kill bugs without even a second thought. Listen, just because I eat a fucking hamburger doesn't mean I killed the fucking cow. And just because you don't eat a fucking hamburger doesn't stop anyone from killing a cow. Anonymous

15) Meat is animal genocide! Anonymous

16) Eating meat is perfectly natural. All animals depend on eating plants & animals. People were meant to eat both. It is not healthy to be a vegetarian. Eat meat & be healthy! Anonymous

17) I love steak, prime rib, chicken, pork, bacon, fish, hot dogs, cheese burgers, & fried chicken! Anonymous

18) Mmmmhhhh mmmmhhhh... Anonymous

19) 0____|
doggie. Anonymous

20) Im murder. Anonymous

21) Save a tree, eat a beaver! Anonymous

22) Meat IS technically murder. But eating vegetables and fruits is fine, even though they were alive too, because they COULDNT FEEL the pain of death. Plus, a lot of energy is being used to cook meat and to kill the animals. Also, a lot of money, food and water is used to raise the animals just to kill them for meat. This money could be instead used to feed the starving people in undeveloped countries. Anonymous

23) Well, once we arrest all of humans who "murder" animals for food...Who's going to arrest and try all of those lions, tigers, bears, etc. For the "murders" they're committing? Anonymous

24) So anything that can feel the pain caused by death can be murdered??? In that case, can you advise me on how to negotiate a peaceful resolution to any conflict arising from any invasion of my sovereign property by pests? Anonymous

25) And delicious, especially wrapped in bacon. Doesn't everything taste better with bacon!! Mmmmmmm! Anonymous

26) Anonymous

27) I love meat! Anonymous

28) Vegans do it better!! =D. Anonymous

29) Humans are like animals - some eat meat and some eat plants. But it is in our human nature to love and hate or to accept or judge others. Anonymous

30) A group of crows is a murder! Anonymous

31) Meat rhymes with eat.

'Nuff said. Anonymous

32) OH, the ignorance!! Of the people commenting here. agent of chaos

33) Anonymous

34) I want a cheeseburger

with extra meat! Anonymous

35) I can't wait to go out and shoot my own "meat". Why...Because there is a thing call carrying capacity. This is the ammount of land that can sustain X number of animals over a winter. If there are too many of certain species of animal, they will all eat the winter feed at the begining of winter, with nothing to sustain them through the back half of winter. This causes a greater number of animals to die of cold and hunger than any amount of hunters could harm. I love wildlife and watching these bueatiful creatures. And because of that, I hunt to give a great number of these animals a chance to live in the long run. Anonymous

36) I want to hunt for a deer. Deer meat is very tasty! It would be a bargain, too. If I got 100 pounds of meet, that is a lot of food. 100 pounds of steak would be like $300-400 and deer meat is much better than steak. I guess I need to minus the expenses of time and for the the gun and ammo, but it would also be fun! Plus, the cows with guns would not be so mad at me if I sparred a cow by eating a deer! Anonymous

37) That first video is kind of creepy. It is going to make a vegetarian cry. Anonymous

38) If I don't eat cow, cow will eat me. Anonymous

39) I'm hungry! Anonymous

40) Vegans and vegitarians suffer from

1 mental problems initially
2 vitamin and protein deficiencies. Anonymous

41) Meat gives you stomach ulcers. Anonymous

42) Because it extracts salt from your organs that is supposed to protect them
humans aren't designed to eat meat! Anonymous

43) I eat each type of meat on my pizza ,except for fish bleeeeeuuuurrrrghh. Anonymous

44) Ia m the guy taht posts same cooment on ech thouht. Anonymous

45) And I'm a serial killer. Anonymous

46) Since it's the pain the animals suffer to provide us meat you are concerned , why not just give em some pain killers before we kill em.

Do eggs feel pain? Are they a safe substitute?

By the way, how do you know plants don't feel pain. I have seen some withered plants that look like they are in a lot of pain. Anonymous

47) All this talk about meat has made me hungry. Anonymous

48) I use to live on a farm. Day after day I would feed the cows bring them water and even wash them occasionally. Then one day while I was carrying a basket full of hay one of them nearly kicks me in the face misses but ends up hitting me with a big o'll clump of cow shit right in my face. Anonymous

49) I was so mad I threw the basket on the ground then I picket up a lump of cow shit and threw it right back at its face and and said "how do you like" well the point is, cows are...
wait, now I cant remember why I even brought this up. Anonymous

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