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1) People will evolve into a sub-human par! Anonymous

2) I dream of cannibalism. Anonymous

3) You take 'you are what you eat' too literally, #2. Anonymous

4) People are de-evolving, #1. Stupid families are outbreeding the intelligent people by a factor of 2! How many of their offspring survive, well, probably only 2. But, the intelligent aren't favored to survive, so our intelligence trait might fade away. Anonymous

5) De-evolving? Does that fall under De-darwinism? Anonymous


"Hey boss! De-PLANE, De-PLANE!!" Anonymous

7) We are all going to de-evolve into people that look like the dude in comment #6. Anonymous

8) That dude is none other than Chuck Norris.

When he was 5-years old. Anonymous

9) Enlighten? dancethewind

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