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1) 40. Anonymous

2) A waste of time. Anonymous

3) Fish, the answer to all math problems. Anonymous

4) It depends on what the definition of '+' is and what the value of '10' represents. CoolDood

5) 1000 (Base 2). Anonymous

6) Is that a response to #4 or the answer to the question? Anonymous

7) What do you mean 'or'? Anonymous

8) Is #5 a response to #4 or is #5 an answer to the original poster's question! Anonymous

9) For #6 or #8 to evaluate to 'true', one of the sides of 'or' must be true! Anonymous

10) #9 Really freaked me out, I would say the reasoning of #4+#3 + 10 + 10 would end up in a new question: Could jesus microwave 40 burritos so hot, that he himself could not eat them?

#1 - youre wayy out. Anonymous

11) Anonymous

12) Only God knows the answer to this one! Anonymous

13) I think I found the answer:


14) #6 the post #5 is the answer to the problem in binary. Anonymous

15) I will also plot it out:


16) Anonymous

17) I think #1 has the closest answer, although it might be off by 2. Anonymous

18) We need to make clones of Albert Einstein to help solve this one! Anonymous



20) I am the guy that posts this comment on every thought. Anonymous

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