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A Random Thought

Windows sux big time.


1) It is Better than...nothing!

2) I agree!

3) Mac kind of sucks too!

4) Linux rules!

5) ....and Linux is free!

6) Linux.org.

7) Redtube.com

8) Winows is good.
vista sucks.

9) Next... A huge failure of an operating system.

10) Windows is for the average guy, mostly. Macs are for those "oh I'm so hop look at ME ME ME ME ME ME" indie faggots. Linux is for the more computer-oriented people, as in programming and such. Anonymous

11) Sorry, typo. *so hip. Anonymous

12) Lol rebtube I kno wat that is (the guys in my class talk bout it alllll the time). Anonymous

13) (oops*** the guys in my class,,,,,). Anonymous

14) I have a friend who doesn't have a computer at ALL. So quit whining. cc

15) Why do you have guys in your butt? Anonymous

16) Mac has got my back. Anonymous

17) What is rebtube? Anonymous

18) Rebtube is cool! Anonymous

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