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A Random Thought

Fetch doggy good boy yes u r the gud boy.


1) I feel people should write more intellectual thoughts on this. Anonymous

2) I feel so fat and horribly ugly. Anonymous

3) I wish I could stop hating myself so much. Anonymous

4) I constantly think how awful, horrible, repulsive, disgusting, ugly, fat, lardy, gross, stupid, lame, unintelligent.. Ect. I am. Anonymous

5) I wish I could cry or feel happy, but my medications make me an emotionless person. Anonymous

6) I hate my name Caitlin. Anonymous

7) I wish I would exercise more. Anonymous

8) I don't want to leave my house, I just want to hide under my covers with my cat. Anonymous

9) I hate myself and I wish I could learn to love or atleast except myself. Anonymous

10) I wish people liked me. Anonymous

11) Wow... Caitlin... You are EMO! You should make a rock band and sing about all your emotions. You will become famous and you won't be EMO anymore. Anonymous

12) Lol #11...it will be OK Caitlin! Anonymous

13) Wow. I hate feeling like that. Anonymous

14) Random Thoughts for sure! Anonymous

15) Statistically speaking... ; ). Anonymous

16) Why be so sad when we have the chance to live long enough to have the luxury of exposing our thoughts to the world? Why be so sad in front of so many people? Why be so sad when there are so many great things in this life? You cant be old, or ugly. There are much older and much much uglier things in this universe...
-cc. cc

17) Yes, like #16's advice, having others to look down on, makes you feel better. If there is no one below you to look down on, then put them below you and then look down on them. You will feel much better. Hey, if that don't make you feel better, look how old and ugly moon is. At least your not the moon. Anonymous

18) Take a chill pill. Anonymous

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