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A Random Thought

What clothes are you wearing?


1) A coffee can with bits of broken glass studded into my skin covered all in a nacho cheese.


3) Jeans, they fit well too! Anonymous

4) UR MOM! Anonymous

5) Yeah, u wish! Anonymous

6) Jeans and a tee from a HS play that I wasn't in. My name's not on it. I was in the pit. "Why are you wearing a Waverly T-shirt?" "Because I sneak out of school halfway through the day to go to Waverly. I'm enrolled in both." ASCII_freak

7) WOW that's my post! ^^ And I'm wearing the same shirt today, too!!! Woah... Anonymous

8) And NO, it's not the same day. Anonymous

9) Two days you have spend writing random thoughts? Anonymous

10) Everybody loves Random thought!! Anonymous

11) I am wearing a Rolling Stones shirt, pants, socks, a bra, and underwear.
Yes I know. How rare. cc

12) I'm wearing the same white shirt and jean shorts that I have been wearing for about a week now. Oh well... Anonymous

13) I'm wearing my big blue robe lol! Anonymous

14) I'm wearing out my welcome. Anonymous

15) A dress with flats I fell uncofterable ugh. skittles152

16) A black t-shirt, khakis, blue boxer shorts, and a pair of white socks! Anonymous

17) A singlet with a bright yellow star in front that I bought in Vietnam. Anonymous

18) Nuthin' but a big ol' hard-on! Anonymous

19) Worn jeans and a white t-shirt! Anonymous

20) I Am From Norway, And I Am Naked! Anonymous

21) I am not from Norway, and I'm only half naked. But the other half of me has style.... Anonymous

22) Think of most kinky clothes you can. That's what I'm wearing. Anonymous

23) Bra and PJ bottoms. Anonymous

24) A suit! Anonymous

25) A beige hoodie sweater, over a green puma long sleeved shirt and jeans and socks and don't remember the color of my underwear but since <--- she is sitting next to me I cant check yup yup so yeah thats what I'm wearing today and <-- she is wearing hello kitty socks and jeans and a Identity 39 sweater and a black T-shirt with a Celtic cross .. Oh and the socks are pink with dots... Anonymous

26) Oh and she has underwear, but I cant check the color since she is wearing it. Anonymous

27) Black Miami ink shirt hang ten jacket
blue jeans blue plaid boxers and a new era
lost hat. Anonymous

28) My santa baby suit! ;) it comes with handcuffs, restraints, and a fuzzy whip ;D u know what I'm doing tonight! Anonymous

29) A 60 year old grandpa boxer.........thts all folks!!! Anonymous

30) The neck part of a turtle neck.
and semen. Anonymous

31) Something really sexy...

SOCKS. Anonymous

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