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A Random Thought

Like a plant?


1) I plant with 7 leaves and buds!

2) And smoke it #1. Anonymous

3) I have to take a #2, but I always take a #1 when I take a #2, what about you? Anonymous

4) I do too. Woo Hoo! Anonymous

5) That is poo? Who are you? Anonymous

6) I'm a foo! My uncle is a Jew. Anonymous

7) I am a Jew, too. What about you? Are you too? I blew and then flew. I belong to a crew. It is not nothing new. Anonymous

8) Poo Stew! Anonymous

9) That sounds coo! Anonymous

10) This is nothing new! It is kind of stu...pid! Anonymous

11) You guys need TO find something to DO! Anonymous

12) Oh, go screw! Anonymous

13) (Honestly) My friend promised he'd take me to the zoo and then we'd eat potato stew!
so haha
Go on and rue
you challenged my skittles to rhyme with you. =p. cc

14) Anyone that would vote for Obama is a fool. Anonymous

15) Like a vagina! all we are are crocodiles

16) Lick a vagina! Anonymous

17) Vaginoo! AdamTesticles

18) I love plants. I gave a friend of mine three. When I was younger my thumb was brown. Now it is green green green. A plants makes a kitchen so nice. I love plants. Anonymous

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