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A Random Thought

He's NEver the right one.


1) Sometimes he is.

2) Because he isn't prince charming.he always turns out to be the beast. Anonymous

3) Lower your expectations. Nobody is ever THE right one. You expect a guy to understand the inner workings of the female mind, and apply that knowledge without exploiting it. Trust me, if you find a guy who "just doesn't get it," he's a keeper. Anonymous

4) Why does the "inner workings" of a female make them want low-life guys?

I always see nice girls with scum bag guys that are in and out of jail, don't have a job, and cheat on them all the time.

Then, I meet a lot of nice guys that have a hard time finding a girlfriend.

It is strange. Why does it work that way? Anonymous

5) Purple. Anonymous

6) Until Neo. Anonymous

7) I agree with Anonymous. Anonymous

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