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A Random Thought

Why is it I can see individual craters on the moon but not a star to surround it..I can imagine only the wildest of dreams people chose to live unpredictable lives yet everything in life seems to have a pattern...a number...a complete system yet life itself is completely unpredictable.  Life is a mystery...so complex yet so simple if thinking where we came from and where we are today one can only imagine what is to come tomorrow...today is a mystery and tomorrow is yesterday's patterns revealed. When my mind wonders it wonders towards our creator, weather it be a higher power or simply a science phenomenon life amazes me. I mean every aspect of life is almost unreal. Humans are insane...completely unpredictable I wish I could truly understand the past and the minds that brought us where we are today...as Humans we eat things that were never meant to be eaten..well at least not they way they were intended. For example we drink milk* and by milk I mean a cow's milk made by a female cow for its female calf...and we decided its good for us...humans to drink...and the fact that we cook food when our bodies were obviously made to eat food uncooked yet we chose to neglect that and it will forever effect the human body.  I will continue to express how I feel as long as you the people are interested in what I have to say.

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