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A Random Thought

I hate cheese.
I love turtles.

What doo u hate/luv?

<3 happy smiley :D.


1) OMG! U r just like me! Lolx

I can't believe it!

so anyway, u go to ma school right?
i woz thinkin maybe do u wanna go out sometime?

Matt S. Xxxhappy smiley. Anonymous

2) Aaaawwwww!

say yes and go out with him, girl!

that is like soooo cute u sld defo go out together!!!!!

c u in maths!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxox. Anonymous

3) I hate maths.
i luv english.!!!
happy smiley. Anonymous

4) Anonymous

5) I really don't know what I love/hate?

if u think bout it u don't actually hate/love 1 thing, u sort of hate/love alot of things.
soz I'm rambling on, I know!

anywy, u shld't hate any1 coz it might bite u back!
keep ur friends close, and ur enemies closer! Llllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvhappy smiley. Anonymous

6) Do u have a facebook account coz I really want to talk to u in privite?

hotbunny@facebook.comxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Anonymous

7) LOL
i hate the olympics and I luv reading

dylxx. Anonymous

8) Hey it's Marvin from JLS!

You are funny guy/girl!

Come to our live tour and I might give you backstage tickets!

LOL Marvinxxxx:-). Anonymous

9) I haz math with all yallz(;. Anonymous

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