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According to Einstein, as one approaches the speed of light, ones surrounding must slow time down, in order for ones relative speed to never approach the speed of light. Saying that, is it not safe to assume that as our technologies grow, our maximum speed of travel will rise? This would mean that time around us will be slowing down, so relatively speaking, we're moving slower than we think. If our technology gets too great, our speeds will reach such a magnitude, that our time will be slow enough that our relative speeds would be infinitesimally smaller than less intelligent life. What this all could mean is astonishing. It could be that our universe is infinite, but, even more importantly, it also gives some credence to idea of the existence of other intelligent lifeforms in this universe. Unfortunately, that means that depending on their intelligence and evolution, these different lifeforms and their worlds could be living in separate time frames and with different dimensions of time. The final aspect of this thought is that all of this implies that as we grow intelligent, and increase our technologies, we manipulate our relative universe such that we may never find other life. We may never reach the end of our universe. We may always be alone. But hopefully we'll never have to worry about it.


1) There will be other life. The conditions for life to come into existence is great compared to the large size of our universe and all the movement in it. If matter takes the shape of an object that can evolve, it will come to life. Conditions to sustain some form of intelligent life could be wide - life could live in much more extreme conditions then here on earth. It could survive in much higher and lower temperatures. I think that over time, the human race will discover other intelligent life. It will come at about the same time that the human race can manipulate space and time.

[No References ;)]. Anonymous

2) That is a great random fact to know! Anonymous

3) I'm not sure about the science behind these so called "facts". Anonymous

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