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Hey there, kids! We're going to tell a story! Thats right, I said all! It is the job of each reader to add the next line. Let us see how far we can get. The goal is to get this story as long and wacky crazy as possible. So go nuts!

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom far far away..



1) ... Unless you happened to be living in the kingdom itself, in which case it wouldn't be very far away at all. Anonymous

2) There was a small house where a big purple fish and a pink raccoon with elephant ears and green polka-dots..... Anonymous

3) ...were snorting coke. They looked at each other and couldn't tell if they were hallucinating or just being themselves.

"We need totems!" they chimed as... Anonymous

4) They masturbated to a porno they were watching together. Anonymous

5) They then decided to go to the Wal-Mart in a nearby village.... Anonymous

6) And rob the place with a BB gun. The BB gun looked like a real gun, so it would work. After going into the store... Anonymous

7) They decided not to rob the store and instead donated the little money they had to the charity box. It was very kind of them... Anonymous

8) For they never ever donate anything to anything. But this was a special occasion... Anonymous

9) "Today is the 84th anniversary of the day we discovered the moon was not, in fact, made of leftover pedestrian chewing gum!" gasped the big purple fish, who by now was feeling rather breathless cos he's been out of the water so long. Anonymous

10) The pink raccoon with elephant ears and green polka-dots looked at him and exclaimed, "You're right, Fish! And the old panda bear on the other side of town is throwing a party to celebrate! We must hurry!" The raccoon then proceeded to throw a cup of Gatorade on his fish friend and then they left. Anonymous

11) To this party where. Anonymous

12) Pigs could fly. Anonymous

13) And the fish was allergic to gatorade, so it immediately died, but a big black duck, which was good friends with the flying pig that was with him...so they both met up with the panda and... Anonymous

14) Found eminem whom was rapping a sorry song that nobody liked, so they continued on their way (without booing Eminem) and... Anonymous

15) Ate a quick meal before the orgy began. Anonymous

16) Well, the orgy never actually began, but they all went on their way to try to find a floating hot dog stand and... Anonymous

17) They never actually found that either. "What a horrible day! Nothing is going our way!" exclaimed the big black duck out of frustration. Anonymous

18) Then, a couple of really sexxxy girls walked by. Anonymous

19) And they each had semen running down their chins... Anonymous

20) But, the sexxxy girls with the semen running down their chins fell in a ditch with spears sticking up and they all died. Now, the big black duck flew straight up in the sky about a mile from the ground and... Anonymous

21) ....took a shit. Anonymous

22) Which made the pink raccoon with elephant ears and green polka-dots hungry. Anonymous

23) For vagina. Anonymous

24) Or cake, which ever one they could find first. Anonymous

25) Encountering a bakery, cake was far more plentiful. So they did enter into the establishment and proceeded to.. Anonymous

26) The restroom to take a shit and after shitting, the pink raccoon with elephant ears and polka-dots realized that there was no toilet paper so it... Anonymous

27) Decided not to wipe and then left the restroom (kind of smelly) and... Anonymous

28) Proceeded to the parking lot where the kid who likes to talk about nothing but Ring Pops was busy sodomizing Jason Adaes Bourne while the 8=D guy looked on from a distance and cheered. The the pink raccoon with elephant ears and green polka-dots then said "well there's something you don't see everyday." and they continued on to the party. Anonymous

29) Further down the street they were stopped by Orry Watts who was obviously strung out, smelled like he had been bathing in piss, and was begging for change. Anonymous

30) They decided to be nice and gave good ol' Orry some change... Or maybe they just wanted to be left alone but whatever. They continued once again on their way when all of a sudden something amazing happened and it went like this... Anonymous

31) Orry Watts suddenly transformed into a clean, sexy, half naked lady stripper and started to move all provocatively on a nearby lamp post and using it like a stripper pole. Racoon, whose real name is Henry, turned around, his eyes growing real wide, and walked back to watch. She pulls him in real close and begins to caress him as she moves in close, pressing her own body against his and whispering sweet somethings into his ear... Anonymous

32) And, then pick pocketed his wallet and ran as fast as possible. Then, everyone realized how smelly they were, so they all took showers at the nearby YMCA. In the showers they sang the YMCA song. It was very gay, but they all chuckled, got dressed, and continued on their journey... Anonymous

33) They then ended up at an internet cafe. They went online and ended up on this Random Thoughts website. They used it for a little while and said "this is cool, but we have to go and go quickly!!!", so they went on their way (without paying their tab) and... Anonymous

34) The owner of the cafe came out with a machine gun and aimed at them, but missed and shot himself in the head. They ran even quicker down to the... Anonymous

35) Chamber of Secrets, where they found Harry Potter snorting crack, and shoving his wand up Ron's ass. Anonymous

36) Chamber of Secrets, where they found Harry Potter snorting crack, and shoving his wand up Ron's ass... Anonymous

37) This was quite a disturbing sight to see, one which they wish they could just erase from their minds altogether. As they backed away slowly, they.... Anonymous

38) Vowed to stop at the next convenience store they find for a gallon of brain bleach. But they were late for the party already so... Anonymous

39) They decided to throw the party at the store with the brain bleach! But unfortunately the only thing the store had was brain bleach. Someone quickly discovered that when one urinates in bleach, funny bubbles appear. 2 minutes later everyone was unconscious, and they woke up hog tied on a beautiful yacht watching the moon rise in another dimension. So... Anonymous

40) They rolled about the deck trying to loosen the knots. Unfortunately the pink raccoon with elephant ears and green polka-dots was stuck fast. Free from his shackles, the Big Purple Fish took a whole new meaning, and he seized the opportunity to shuved his heiving cock up the Raccoons anus! He howled at the moon until…. Anonymous

41) The Raccoon discovered that it was his mouth, not his anus being violated. He bit down hard and the purple fish exploded in horror and began to flop around in a wild tantrum full of rage. His flailing dorsal fin cut all of the ropes loose. They all went looking for help and... Anonymous

42) Instead they found MALICESOUL27 out in the parking lot blowing sailors for a nickel each, and he was especially proud of himself for earning $400.05 so far that night. Anonymous

43) As they peered across the parking lot, they also saw Justin Beiber jack hammering Mickey Mouse in the doo doo hole. Anonymous

44) And then they all died cause the potty baibes atye out ladygaga and the saw her blue waffle and choked on there puke... And live happily ever after happy smiley. Anonymous

45) As they all floated towards the afterlife, they began to argue about whose fault it was they were dead. Then... Anonymous

46) A plane Swooped by AND Killed them all again and they met up with Superman on top of the..... Anonymous

47) Eiffel tower where they all got rick roll'd by. Anonymous

48) Justin Bieber who then went into cardiac arrest and they all ate his carcus. Anonymous

49) And the Racoon murdered Superman with a thought. Anonymous

50) Then the big purple fish wanted to.. Anonymous

51) Rape a sock. Anonymous

52) And a pumpkin transported them to a halloween party ehere a lion said to them... Anonymous

53) BLARG. Anonymous

54) And the lion got hungry and tried to eat the racoon and the fish as he was allergic to ducks ,pigs and pandas when suddenly out of nowhere a flurescent green cow came and bit he lions head off and they all went to a coffee shop where they all did astriptease. Anonymous

55) And the cow transformed into John cena who then ripped out his own brain and the pink racoon with elephant ears and polka dots swooped by and ate the brain and he said... Anonymous

56) Tastes like chewing gum dipped in liquified sock. Anonymous

57) Leaving John Cena in the chamber of secrets where Harry and Ron were still shoving wands up each others asses ,then Indiana Jonescame with his whip and tied up the animals but the flying pigs wings broke Indianas jaw ,as the wings were made of steel... Anonymous

58) Then they ran off to get some coffee buritos then they met a guy called... Anonymous

59) Balzo Steel who had Nuts made of Steel but they melted the steel and kicked his nuts and ran away to.. Anonymous

60) Guatemala where they saw Voldemort who was raping Cheryl Cole then the panda used his gun to fire chewing gum at Voldemort who then melted in the sunlight then the black duck said..... Anonymous

61) I am going to enter a quiz bowl. Anonymous

62) The first queston was. Anonymous

63) GO HOME ,so they had to finish there adventure and travel to........ Anonymous

64) The other side of he galaxy to the planet of ANNOYING-RANDOMNESS IX. Anonymous

65) So they went to NASA and they. Anonymous

66) Hijacked Neil Armstrong JR'S mission and murdered Buzz Aldrin JR and .... Anonymous

67) They crashed onto the sunbut it burnt out and they discovered a new species called. Anonymous

68) Sun Twatfaces-Assholes who helped the pink raccon the purple fish,flying pig,panda,andbig duck reach the planet and gave them jetpacks that ran on... Anonymous

69) COOKIE DOUGH. Anonymous

70) BUT Homer Simpson ate all of the cookie dough and landed on a planet called... Anonymous

71) GLVBJVGNVNVN which was made of cookie dough which helped them reach. Anonymous

72) THE DEATH STAR , so they saw ANNOYING-RANDOMNESS IX and they magically transported there and there was an annoying yellow crab who joined them and tey annoyinh the shit out of a local called Steve-George Gayhole who called ROBOCOP,who then.... Anonymous

73) Blew up suddenly. Anonymous

74) Then THEY PUT A flag in the ground and claimed the planet for their magical kingdom called.... Anonymous


76) Then they realised that FRED was coming towards themso they had to leave their adventure and return to A KINGDOM THAT IS FAR AWAY FROM WHERE MOST PEOPLE LIVE. Anonymous

77) BUT then they realised that they still needed totems , so when FRED came towards them the pink racoon with elephant ears and green polka dots found a woodchipper and made totem poles out of FREDS head which coincedently looked like gay people then they cut open Homers stomach and filled up on cookie dough ... Anonymous

78) So they could reurn home but they ended up on the caramel section on the planet MARS ,so they decided to buy some choclate and peanuts so that thry could. Anonymous

79) MAKE A STARBAR. Anonymous

80) Then once they ate their starbars they jetpacked down to earth where they met a wild coyote. Anonymous

81) The wild coyote then tore down a christmas tree (who knows why it up ) and used it to thwack the president. Anonymous

82) Then the racoon, fish, panda, duck,pig, crab and coyote were arrested but were then bailed out by.... Anonymous

83) John Cena (who still had no brain and wand sticking out his anus) who then bungee jumped off the grand canyon without the rope and went. Anonymous

84) SPLAT-A-TOO-Y. Anonymous

85) And everyone followed suit. Anonymous

86) And they landed in there house and finished there adventure by watching a PORNO. Anonymous

87) After pleasing themselves over and over again, their skin was rawer than sushi. Suddenly they realized that all that quality television had made them extremely hungry so they decided to make a quick stop at the local KFC. It was here where they each ordered a just the skins sandwich, they were delicious! Anonymous

88) Followed by a hardcore orgy involving several socks and a roast beef sandwich... Anonymous

89) But they had to return home to A KINGDOM THAT IS FAR AWAY FROM WHERE MOST PEOPLE LIVE (Connecticut). Anonymous

90) So they caught the number 754838747 bus , but ended up in the batcave. Anonymous

91) Where Alfred cut5 john cena head off with tray. Anonymous

92) When Chuck Norris came and helped them and then squeezed kiwi juice from alfreds face when they all run away (well actually they all hang on to Chuck). Anonymous

93) But the crab fell off he burst into flames of fury .OOOPS. Anonymous

94) BUT Chuck had to kill superman so he droped them off in illinois. Anonymous

95) So tehy all watched a crap film and they found..... Anonymous

96) Darth Vader who used the force to send them home. To Connecticut then they..... Anonymous

97) Entered what they thought was their house but it turned out to be a time machine (which smelt of coffee for some reason). Anonymous

98) And they found anote that said... Anonymous


100) But thry threw away the note and walked away. Anonymous

101) Then they all found Justin Bieber,smaced him,threw him into a wall kicked his nuts,used his body as a baseball bat and hit him against a pillar ,stuffed him in an oven at 200000 degrees and put him through a shredder and put his remains in... Anonymous

102) A cup ,and brad pitt drank out of it ,died and the racoon... Anonymous

103) Hurriedly ran to a drop of justin bieber's remains that fell onto the floor and slurped it. Earlier in the day, a puddle of magical toxic sludge was left by a mad scientist and still hadn't completely dried up, which caused it to mix with the drop of bieber's remains. After consuming the mixture, the raccoon let out a terrifying scream and then.. Anonymous

104) .....was magically gifted with the HTML code to create this:


Thrilled with his new talent he...... Anonymous

105) Used it to hijack the nasa site and created a video in which. Anonymous

106) Som eone called 911 so that thhey. Anonymous

107) Turned off the video and burned brad pitts stomach(as beiber remains were in it ) the flames were so big that.. Anonymous

108) A firece desire raged in the cos eyes and jumped in it .suddenly. Anonymous

109) The sexxxy girls came back but were noew sexxy guys with sperm on there chins but they fell into another hole.so they moved on and ... Anonymous

110) They drank a pepsi which was drugs and they ended up on a plane headed for morroccco ,when it landed they were greeted by Mashakah Gaaradt who was a drunk so they all ran away from him to this market... Anonymous

111) Where they all found a magical.. Anonymous

112) Condom made from the skin of ghandi,michael jacson,beatles and pele covered in 3 thin layers of gold and silver .any way the magical condom could...... Anonymous

113) .....fit on an elephant's penis. Anonymous

114) And shrink to fit a fish's penis and it could also. Anonymous

115) Fly and talk but it flew away and yelled f*** off b******s and the duck yelled how am I to find another legendary condom .so they all treked acrooss the sahara to egypt to find another. Anonymous

116) They were told it was in one of the pyramids of egypt so they found a new magical condom in the y pyramids .but this condom could... Anonymous

117) Was made of the skin of chuck norris,batman,arnold schwazzenegger and spongebob covered in 3 thin layers of bronze and platinum and that one could. Anonymous

118) Do anything. So the duck put it on and became invincible and his condom instantly was sewn into his penis therefore the duck could do anything and everyone else got one and they aall became thie invincible condom wearers ,then with their new talents they. Anonymous

119) Fucked every hot chick on the planet .not only did it stop them getting pregnant it killed all of their children but fucking those hot girls was worth it then they. Anonymous

120) Found tom brady who threw a 90 yrd pass touchdown and won the game for the patriots and the racoon bit his head off as he supports the packers then they ran off to england and...... Anonymous

121) Their condoms melted the queens face which caused a.... Anonymous

122) A world wide Depression, which turned most people into Gay Zombies. The gay zombie apocolipse caused world war 3 Which we call, Judgement GAY. The crew of Invincible Condom wearing animals Joined the army thinking they were invincible but soon found out their only weakness was.. Anonymous

123) ...the hetero-gene. Anonymous

124) But luckily the condoms escaped there penises and they were dissapointed without thinking they. Anonymous

125) Then, when you thought things couldn't get more strange, a... Anonymous

126) Then a peacock suck a bees cock and the flying pig and the purple fish and co. Destroyed an entire.. Anonymous

127) Farm of homosexual men. Anonymous

128) And they all went aboard the Titanic to save everyone so they had to eat the iceberg but was too cold so they went back to thier kingdom to find that IT was overun by homosexuals so they had to somehow try to drive the Gays out.but how?.then the racoon had a brainstorm to collect guns.but unfortunately those guns were.... Anonymous

129) Made of..... Anonymous

130) ......left over hippies from the 60's who eventually took over the town for themselves the animals had to do the worst idea possible...... Anonymous

131) To make out with one another and produce gay babies.. Anonymous

132) But they had to find another way so to scare off the hippies they had decided to call... Anonymous

133) LMFAO who began to party rock and eventually the hippies left but the animals began to lose thier minds and became like them and together they released more hit sings and party rocked like they were sexy and they knew it,BUT..... Anonymous

134) Then came along a couple of badass gangsta rappers who challenged them to a ...... Anonymous

135) Cock Fight... and I mean a Cock Fight, not roosters, but real cocks. Anonymous

136) They easily defeated these bada$$ rappers, and decided to make a tag, so their name could be renowned all over the world. Their tag was.... Anonymous

137) Going to have to be something epic, something that every one would love, and they where going to make paint brushes out of their pubic hair and write it all over the walls but first they had to come to an agreement on what it would be... Anonymous

138) So they argued and argued untill one of them just decided enough was enough and that the tag would be called THE MAGICAL LEAUGE OF POTATOE HUNTERS. With this, they... Anonymous

139) Read their name out and it spelled LMFAOTMLOPH, which caused them to bicker so they all decided to settle on one name.... Anonymous

140) BUT LMfAO fired them and went off to tour with David Guetta so. Anonymous

141) So TMLOPH (pronounced TiMLOPH) decided to find an awesome DJ to compete with thier former partners. So they travelled the world to find a hot new DJ in the end they found.... Anonymous

142) Teamed up with a DJ Swedish House Mafia,befroe they hit the road they did too things... Anonymous

143) They formed Swedish Potato Mafia and relaesed a hit song,known as Greyhound, and discovered that competition was. Anonymous

144) 5 acts
1.LMFAO & David Guetta
2.Swedish Potato Mafia
3.deadmau5 & example
4 AViCii & Usher
5 Calvin Harris & Example. Anonymous

145) But who would win ,the next day in the competition... Anonymous

146) Example was liied and was replaced by Rizzle Kicks,then the competition really began... Anonymous

147) They all did thier gigs and one winner was decided.. Anonymous

148) ????? The German Black Schnitzels ????? Anonymous

149) So the gang decided to start a war on germany ,the Nazis were reborn .the animals called themselves. Anonymous

150) THE SPAZIS and WW3 immediately began. Anonymous

151) What happened over the next 3 years are too disturbing to put in this cooment, lets just say a lot were speared everywhere on their body by a mechanical rhino. Chaos ensued throughout central europe until every German was killed, that is, all except 1.... Anonymous

152) Grandolf Shitler. Anonymous

153) Who was made of actual shit so there was only one thing left to do. Anonymous

154) Flush him down the nazi toilet,so then the entire german poulation was destroyed so they went back home and wrote in thier diarys and cried into thier pillows,and the six of them used up 637 pillows,after all of thier grief they decided to visit the local... Anonymous

155) Aquarium wher the big purple fish met some friends and stuufed them in the oven and ate them,he was a cannibull,they had a predator amongst them,anyway after the aquarium visit they. Anonymous

156) Found Orry wats again,so the racoon with pink polka dots and elephant ears wanted revenge on another human being so they decided to assasinate somebody but who would it be? Anonymous

157) John cena,brad pitt,homer simpson and justin bieber were already ticked off the checklist so they finally agreed on. Anonymous

158) Lady GaGa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous

159) But they would have to fight thier ay through her securiy grid of dresses. Anonymous

160) They battled her way through unreleased dreeses as they boliled the egg dress,and after torturous struggle and pain ,even through the loss of the pandas son,they found lady gaga in her famous meat dress so they ripped it off her, put into the oven at 450 degrees,made her eat it,and sent her down to the bieber grievance club where lady gaga and the girls and 1 lone boy (harry styles) had a onehundred and seventy-threesome,another assasination complete,with this done they bought the worlds largest.... Anonymous

161) Cock ring.. Anonymous

162) Made of caramel dotted with virgin vagina's and filled with 21yr old scotch distilled in the rolling hills of Atlantas! Anonymous

163) After finding Atlantas was where they had always wanted to stay they decided to move there and live happily ever after.

THE END. Anonymous

164) But alas Atlantis was under the sea but before they drowned they had to do swim to the surface before a group of gay bodybuilders raped them so..... Anonymous

165) Each of them became extreamly gay and only liked to suck dick and fuck men. Anonymous

166) But they accidently somehow watched the twilight films and it cured them, they thought it was so shit they decided to. Anonymous

167) Hop on Reddit and browse r/gonewild and..... Anonymous

168) Each of them (except the big purple fish, who was busy masturbating) figured out that there was more to life than gay porn, and left, leaving their fish buddy behind. They would meet again, thats for sure. Then, all of a sudden, a big shadow filled the sky! Anonymous

169) It was the gay fishe's massive boner! They screamed and... Anonymous

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