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Apparenlty BP is finally going with the idea of stuffing the oil leak with mud, in hopes to staunch it.

They've been talking about that for maybe a couple of weeks or so now.

Other things they talked about cramming in there, was concrete (I think), and garbage.

I think they should just stuff the damn thing with corporate execs from oil companies, and other corporations.


1) It's a charade, they know they won't be able to stop it until they drill a new well right next to it and that won't be done until the middle of August. Anonymous

2) Specialists argue that credit loans aid people to live the way they want, because they can feel free to buy necessary goods. Furthermore, banks present student loan for different classes of people. Anonymous

3) Anonymous

4) Now the BP execs are saying this method didn't work.

Time to arrest the bastards and send them to prison.

Of course, the republicans are using their usual diversionary tactics, saying that Obama isn't doing enough, when in reality, it's the repubs corp exec butt buddies that are entirely to blame. Anonymous

5) Anonymous


These people need to be imprisioned in a hard core prison immediately:


7) I think they should stop the oil with more oil kind of like they stop forest fires with fire. You fight fire with fire, so you must fight oil with oil. They should pump an equal amount of oil down there at the spill and maybe that would stop it! Anonymous

8) Oil rly? Anonymous

9) Anonymous

10) Anonymous

11) Anonymous


Check out what one of the biggest wastes of skin in the world apparently said:


13) To add to #12; if it's so natural, maybe he should drink a quart of it. Anonymous

14) Anonymous

15) Anonymous


Anyone guilty of destroying the environment, raise your hand:


17) Anonymous

18) Anonymous


"I get Paid so goddamn well, that I don't even need to give a FUCK about the oil spill"

20) Bastard! Anonymous

21) Anonymous

22) Anonymous

23) Anonymous

24) Anonymous

25) Anonymous

26) The oil spill was terrible! Anonymous

27) Anonymous

28) Anonymous

29) Anonymous

30) Anonymous

31) Anonymous

32) Anonymous

33) Anonymous

34) Anonymous

35) Anonymous


"Ta Ta! I'm off to watch my yacht race!"

37) Anonymous

38) Oil, oil, everywhere! BP are bastards! Anonymous


Here's the sailing yacht that dickless motherfucker was racing today, on pristine waters, while the oil continues spew from his pipeline, continuing to sicken and kill animals, and otherwise destroy our environment, plus totally fuck up the livelihoods of thousands, whose jobs depend upon the gulf water being relatively clean:


40) Anonymous

41) Anonymous

42) Anonymous

43) I don't think the Oil Spill can be pinned on the republicans any more than it can be pinned on the democrats! Well, a democrat president was in office when it happened, so it must be the democrat's fault that it happened! Anonymous

44) Have u heard...robert green works for BP .....because he likes working with spillages. Anonymous

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