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Pineapples are a great conversation starter!


1) Pineapples are a "multiple fruit", like a berry. Anonymous

2) Pine is not a fruit. Apples is though. A pineapple is like a tree type fruit... Anonymous

3) ... Why are the commnts soooooo stupid. Anonymous





6) I love Pineapples! Anonymous

7) Pineapples are my favorite fruit! They are very acidic, though, and give me a tummy ache! Anonymous

8) OMG! Pineapples! Anonymous

9) I hope nobody cuts the pineapple in the picture from comment #4. Anonymous

10) If I had a pineapple right now, I would be very happy. Pineapples are the best! Anonymous

11) The picture of the pineapple chick is kind of hot. Anonymous

12) I want to eat a pineapple, especially the one in comment #4. Anonymous

13) Omg comment #4 was freaky ttm. Freaked me out sia. Anonymous

14) I would poke the pineapple in its' eyes. Anonymous

15) The pineapple would bite your nuts off! Anonymous

16) Imagine if all fruit had a face. Would people still eat it? Anonymous

17) I LIKE PINEAPPLES ;D. Anonymous


19) This Looks like an Pineapples xD. Anonymous

20) Pineapples...... Anonymous

21) Now we talk about something else....:/ huskies.... Anonymous

22) Pineapple juice? I love pineapple juice. Anonymous

23) Pineapple. Anonymous

24) Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom..... I'm A FIRIN MY PINEAPPLE JUICE. Anonymous

25) I would so laugh if someone decided to cut up the pinapple >:D. Anonymous

26) Fjelicn k. Anonymous

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