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A Random Thought

A vacation is what I need! Aruba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Cancun, Mexico... I want to go there someday!!!


1) Are you hungry, my teacher is. We should eat Tito the Taco. HE is amazing!!! Anonymous

2) If your teacher is hungry then why don't you eat your teacher? Anonymous

3) If you have a lady teacher, she has a taco right between her legs!

(Likely one of those fish tacos). Anonymous

4) Shit website. Anonymous

5) Eat shit my one owns

http://s0meguy.wordpress.com/. Anonymous

6) What the fuck should I do? Anonymous

7) You should not swear anymore. Anonymous

8) You know, you're goddamn right, #7!

Hey! #6!
Stop with the fucking swearing? Okay? Anonymous

9) Lame. Anonymous

10) YOU are lame. Anonymous

11) You're both fucking lame.

But you probably need a vacation as well. Anonymous

12) Oligopaly mufukas. Anonymous

13) I like bananas and I'm a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous

14) Wooooooooww. Anonymous

15) Wow. You guys are retarded... Anonymous

16) Your mama is so so stupid she slept on the ground in a matress store. Anonymous

17) Son lo mas estupidos!!! FUCK YOU ALL. Anonymous

18) Hmmm.... This is umm...interesting. Anonymous

19) Interesting? THIS... IS... THE INTERNET!!! Anonymous

20) Hey! This is a beach boys song! Aruba, jamaica, ooooo I wanna take ya to bermuda, bahama, come on pretty momma. Sometin......sumetin.....i wanna take you down to cocamo. We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow. Thats where we wanna go- strait down to cocamo. Anonymous

21) Yep. I was thinking the same thing. *sings beach boys song*. Anonymous

22) I love u but u don't know it and it sux cus I really try to show it . Anonymous

23) Aaahh the internet its fun!! Anonymous

24) Woahh This Random thought thingy mujiggy is Funny in my opinionhappy smiley. Anonymous

25) Corny... Just like my mother's toes... Just plain old and CORNY!!! Anonymous

26) That band Korn is pretty corny, too! Anonymous

27) I agree with #11 and #15. Anonymous

28) 27 is a pussy. Anonymous

29) Heh. I love john. Heh you prolly don't care do you? I don't think you do. But I'm cooler then that. Anonymous

30) #3 has been listening to my pick-up lines: "Hey baby, do you need some meat in your taco?" Anonymous

31) I disagree with #27 and agree with #28. Anonymous

32) I have lupus. Anonymous

33) Omg yes # 30 lol I love it. Made me laugh. Um. ITs raining here and a tree landed on my house. :S. Anonymous

34) PUUUTOOOOO. Anonymous

35) I like muffins. Anonymous

36) I like having a muff in my face. Anonymous

37) Muff: fail to catch, as of a ball + a warm tubular covering for the hands
+ botch: make a mess of, destroy or ruin; "I botched the dinner and we had to eat out"; "the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement"
+ fumble: (sports) dropping the ball?

which one? Anonymous

38) Mmmmm you burn A fire in me.. That only an extinguishing fck in the ass can put out ;) lol luv ya whore. Anonymous

39) I like waffles. Anonymous

40) I am a chickin man. Anonymous

41) Aha (: This is a weird website.


42) I am a goat
baaaa baaaa
and I'm anonymous. Anonymous

43) I want to poop rainbows (:. Anonymous

44) Http://shes-crafty.net/you/wish.html. Anonymous

45) Why is the sky green. Anonymous

46) It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Anonymous

47) I love you all =). Anonymous

48) You can't taste the fucking rainbow. Anonymous

49) I lick skittles! Anonymous

50) Why do they put an expiration date on "non-perishable" goods, just saying. Anonymous

51) I like cheese. Anonymous

52) I lick cheese and like Skittles. Do you want to make babies? Anonymous

53) No but I lick maltesers to get the chocolate off. Anonymous

54) I am the rapist guy
i come from montreal
wat can I do x2
i can f**** children. Anonymous

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