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Sex is very bad, its a sin.....but it feels great.


1) Where does it say sex is a sin?

If it's a sin, how will anybody ever get born? Anonymous

2) Babies are the devil! Anonymous

3) What? I'm not christian but I am pretty sure one of the 10 commandments is Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery, which encompasses affairs and pre-marital sex. Those two comments were easily the most stupid thing I have heard all day. Anonymous

4) #3, the comments sound stupid because you haven't thought it through.

#1 is saying that sex in itself is not sin. For example, sex between a married couple is fine. I mean, think about it, God invented sex (if you believe in God, of course), so how can sex be sin?

It's only when it is engaged outside of what God has ordained to be pure, that it becomes sin. Anonymous

5) Sorry folks.
God sez missionary position only.
No oral.
No anal.
No digital. Anonymous

6) You gotta back that up with some scripture #5! Anonymous

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