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A Random Thought

Where is balloon boy? Where did he go? Did he float away in a balloon or is he hiding in a barn? Now we got some hicks that are famous and on TV. Still, they are not as poetic as me!


1) Balloon boy is not in the air. Balloon boy has gone no where. Balloon boy is not in a balloon. For, he is not a balloon boy. For, he is just a boy! Anonymous

2) By the way, my name is Roy! Anonymous

3) Boy, does this give me joy! Anonymous

4) That boy should play with a safer earth-bound toy. Anonymous

5) This post sure could annoy! Anonymous

6) Ve oy! Anonymous

7) For this post, I did enjoy! Anonymous

8) Balloon boy is a ghost.
The cable network is his host! Anonymous

9) Anonymous

10) Just like most, I want to eat a roast! Anonymous

11) Is that a picture of balloon boy in that post? As of now, he is like a ghost. Anonymous

12) For this post, I give it a toast! Drink Up!

What an ugly kid Balloon Boy is! Anonymous

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