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Thoughts on this site are with little intellect.


1) Case in point: yours. Anonymous

2) *shakes head in pitty of comment 1*. Anonymous

3) *shakes head in pity of #2's spelling*. Anonymous

4) Dear OP,

Your statement reveals that either:
1. You think your intellect is of a higher level than everyone else's here, or
2. You only read some of the thoughts and deduced from that sample that ALL the thoughts on the site are "with little intellect".

If it's:
1. You're a bigot.
2. You're lazy. Anonymous

5) Comment #4 is absolutely right and thinks they are of higher intellect of us all. Anonymous

6) ALL: I double checked, and this person is correct. There is much nonsense on this site. Web administrators should tity up, otherwise, there will be a lasting impression that will turn away all with any average intellect. The initial comment is simple and consise, yet there are combative and less sensible statements made in retribution. It is quite cute: At what point do you choose to stop arguing with fools? I leave that to the fools to mil over after I'm long gone from this rediculous site. Great comment Anonymous submittal for FRI Oct 16 9:35:55 EDT 2009. Anonymous

7) There are too many posts to moderate them all. It would be a good idea to let the community moderate them. Do you think people would do it? Anonymous

8) You 'double-checked', #6? Your comment is so devoid of any sense, logic & good spelling, you're doing us all a favor by leaving. At the very least, the intellect level would increase without the likes of you.
Good riddance. Anonymous

9) Ha ha ha #6 was right look at silly #8 go! Also boys and girls notice that it took until 1am for #8 to come up with come up with a response. Anonymous

10) Huh? Is someone supposed to be on this site 24/7? Aren't people allowed to have a life outside of this site?

And listen, #9, you aren't fooling anyone. You and #6 are the same person. You're quite possibly the OP as well.

Which means you said you would leave, but then you came back pretending to be someone else so that you can continue making mistakes in your posts.

Can I give you a clue? Calling others foolish and silly does not automatically make you someone of higher intellect than others. It just makes you a douche. Anonymous

11) #6, please clarify your typo.

Is it supposed to be ".....tidy up.", or, ".....titty up."? Anonymous

12) Actually this is the same stupid fucking moron arguing with himself...and all you jackasses are buying into it...lets see the next fucking idiott corrct my typhoes--get a life all of you, and ditch those pathetic personalities!!! Anonymous

13) What type of Ho do you prefer, #12?

(BTW, got a few bucks I can borrow?). Anonymous

14) Could 12 be right that this is just one person playing with us? Anonymous

15) :-) Ha ha thirteen is a smart ass! Anonymous

16) Heh, #15, my motto is: "It's better to be a smartass, than a dumbass!" Anonymous

17) Can't we just all get along? Anonymous

18) #12 is correct. He also happens to be the OP & #1-#18. Anonymous

19) Guys I'm new to this arguing. Before I begin arguing as well what does OP letters mean? Thank you-. Anonymous

20) Original Poster, or, Original Post, depending on how it's used. Anonymous

21) Welcome back #19. You're #6 & #9 & quite possibly the OP, isn't it?

You aren't fooling us. Anonymous

22) Oh I forgot to say #19 That you're not fooling us at all because I'm an amatuer detective and a U.S. Army Linguist. Anonymous

23) WTF?! Anonymous

24) For a linguist #21(22) you need to work on the basics--SPELLING... Anonymous

25) Are you a cunning linguist, #21/22? Anonymous

26) Anonymous

27) LMAO!! Hi everyone! This is OP and I a came back to look at this site for more post's browsing, and I also wanted to see responses that resulted from one of my OPs. I am quite surprised from the feedback this short and generalized OP :-) Hey, I want to highlight a positive response from Comment#7, and firmly believe Internet administrators should try to regulate the open and often abused freedom of speech in many community forums. I have a few ideas, however this current post is turning into a book. Anonymous

28) My name is Adam and I built this website. I was thinking about making a moderation functionality if I could find people to moderate. I do remove straight up spam when I see it, but I do leave incoherent and senseless thoughts. Hopefully, someday soon, this site will be a little bit better moderated. Anonymous

29) Adam the RT Architect has spoken!

Hey if you're who you say you are, good job creating this site! All the best, dude! Anonymous

30) Eye amm aa mazterr lingwists persun annd eye wood juicst liek too sey hy aal off yu ,i amm onn a plene rite new gudbiy. Anonymous

31) So, number 6. I have something to say to you...



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