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Why is gay bad?


1) It's not bad.

It's only made "bad" by people that choose to have religous beliefs, that dictate to them that it is bad.

Stupid morons that would rather spew their hate and ignorance, than think for themselves. Anonymous

2) Your comment #1, is spewed full of hate and ignorance. Anonymous

3) Why is gay good? Anonymous

4) Gay is happy, not good, nor bad! Anonymous

5) That may be so, #2.

But, at least it's directed to those that make a CHOICE to be the way they are.

BTW, & FTR, I'm a straight guy, so no "agenda" here, except for a humanitarian one....

#1 & #3. Anonymous

6) Are you saying, #5, that gays do not have a choice?

Some gay people will beg to differ. There are those that are proud of the fact that they chose to be gay - and that it was not forced upon them. Anonymous

7) I don't believe people "choose" to be gay. I believe they are born as such. I realize not everyone believes the same as I, but many, if not a majority of people do, so I suppose that's up for debate.

My point is, people that practice a religion, or at least believe in a higher power, CHOOSE to do so. The fact that it's a choice is undisputable.

Some, but not all, use that CHOICE of belief, to harrass, or at times much worse, commit acts that result in such horrors as physical injury or death of the gay person, all in the name of the believer's "god". Anonymous

8) Boys who have been sexually assaulted by another male have a tendency to pursue a gay lifestyle later on in life.

Were they born gay? Is it possible for circumstance to turn a person 'gay'? Anonymous

9) Well, by that logic #8, catholic priests are responsible for ALOT of males being gay. Anonymous

10) Catholic priests are not immune from God's judgment.

Matthew 18:6
But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Anonymous

11) Well, that's all fine an dandy!

But, while they are still here on earth, why do the bishops, or whoever their immediate superiors are, just move them to another church, when they are found to have molested altar boys, instead of defrocking them, and booting their ass to the curb? Anonymous

12) Those superiors wil also be answerable for their actions.

It's a sad state of affairs. As the saying goes, "Your sin will find you out". This is especially so for those who call themselves Christians, and followers of God.

If your sin is revealed, you have a chance to make things right: Repent, step down, go to jail, whatever.

If you, or those in charge, try to brush it aside or hide it, it just gets worse for you. In the end, we all face the same Judge. Anonymous

13) The big gay debate! Anonymous

14) Well, doggone then, that's just wonderful that neither the priests, nor their superiors have to answer for it until they die, just sweep it under the rug until then.

All the more innocent children's lives that can be ruined, especially if the priests, and/or superiors are relatively young adults once a given priest has begun the molestaion, and live to a ripe old age.

Yep! Let's just not say anything! Meanwhile, Father, here's the keys to your new church!

(Hmmmmm.......I wonder......maybe the superiors keep their mouth shut in exchange for the priests sharing their "catch"....). Anonymous

15) Are u saying if they turn gay their lives are ruined? Anonymous

16) Hell no!

I'm saying if kids are raped their lives are ruined.

Now, admittedly, saying "ruined" is probably knee-jerk, but a kid, or adult for that matter, that is raped are likely in for many years of counseling.

Of course, it's likely to be harder on kids, due to their natural immaturity, and the fact they are apt to be more trusting of others than adults are, thus being open to being taken advantage of by others.

I doubt, that even with counseling, a person can totally recover from such an experience, but hopefully they can go on to lead as normal of a life as possible.... Anonymous

17) I don't see why anyone cares what two consenting adults do together. They are hurting neither themselves nor society. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we could all accept each others' differences and live together in peace? It's what jesus would have wanted.
Also people aren't gay because they were abused or there is something else wrong with them. They are just attracted to people of the same sex. Big deal. Ooooh scary. Get over it. Anonymous

18) #17, FTW Anonymous

19) So if a dad is attracted to his daughter sexually, and vice versa, and they're both consenting adults, does it make it ok? Anonymous

20) Apples to oranges.

The religious zealots always like to bring up these ridiculous comparison arguments; incest, beastiality, people sexually attracted to doorknobs, whatever.

It's not the same thing, as two unrelated, consenting, human, adults attracted to each other.

Why are some people "wired" gay? I don't know.

One thing for those that let their religious beliefs dictate their opinion on this matter to think about; in their opinion, their god has created us all. (Personally, I believe my parents created me). Their god is supposedly "perfect". How can a "perfect" creator, create something that in the mind of many of these religious people, is an "imperfection", or an "error"?

Don't give me that "free will" crap. I want this to be from the point of view that gay people were born that way, not the viewpoint that many religious people seem to think, that gay people "choose" to be gay. Anonymous

21) Why do you like bringing religion into the picture #20? You seem rather fixated. Anonymous

22) If two people are in an incestuous relationship, can they also claim that they were 'born that way'? Cos they too do no not believe in all that 'free will crap'? Anonymous

23) If everyone was gay, we'd all be dead. Anonymous

24) That doesn't say anything, #23. If everyone was female, we'd all be dead too. Anonymous

25) I think hat being gay is stupid and that humans are all naturally designed to be attracted to the opposite gender.In this mad world it doesn't surprise me that people feel the need to have control over something in their lives such as their sexual orientation.It's all in the mind. Anonymous

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