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A Random Thought

It is not right to judge people before you get to know them but I think that for most people, it automatic. The moment they see another person they judge that person. "oh they're fat, I don't like them", "eww they have bad acne they are not cool", "wow they are sexy, I bet they are really nice" etc.


1) You talk too much. Anonymous

2) That is soo true!! Speek the trufh! I like it!! Lol:D. Anonymous

3) Actually, even after you know someone, you still shouldn't judge them. Anonymous

4) My neighbor beets her wife. Should I judge her? Anonymous

5) Oh goodness, do I make myself laugh sometimes. Anonymous

6) I might be the funniest person that I know. Anonymous

7) Life is a race where you must follow all of the rules if you don't you will dis qualified. Anonymous

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