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A Random Thought

What if there were a secret group who were especially skilled to do one thing constantly over and over but have them complete simple everyday tasks for a ridiculous amount of pot...I would like to call it "America Love's Pot" which would air only on sundays!!!


1) You must have been high on pot when writing this. Anonymous

2) Affirmative... Anonymous

3) Sounds dope...but not in a good way. ;). Anonymous

4) I LOVE POT! Anonymous

5) Anonymous

6) Anonymous

7) No see what if all the Disney characters
you loved when you were children are now gettin busted on cops like the grinch in a high speed chase and mickey mouse hits mini and the cops show up and end up tazering mickey wouldnt dat shit be funny as hell
-Jason b.Berry. Anonymous

8) Juelz Santana rhymes with banana. Anonymous

9) Floyd mayweather is going to win by decision with his next bout against pacquio. Anonymous

10) Money mayweather is a true champ- KAY D. Anonymous


12) Watch the History Channel! Anonymous



14) That person must have had trouble eating his french fries because he has ketchup all over his face! Anonymous

15) #7 dat shit funny as hell
because dat was my idea
-jason b. Berry. Anonymous

16) Really now did you seriously just comment calling your self funny... WOW. Anonymous

17) Jason b. Berry into himself! Anonymous

18) I am cool!

--Adam Cox


19) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Anonymous

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