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If dogs run free...


1) ...the world will be a better place. Anonymous

2) ... We'll have to up taxes. Anonymous

3) Dont be so pessimistic!! Write a song or something!!!! Its people like u who run the US government. And that last guy made the other guy find an axe murderer full of pop rocks and fudge children? I DONT THINK SO I need a psychiatrist..
frick taxes, I don't need this! If dogs ran free people would eat them on kebabs along with kittens and large birds. Can you invent something significant using only a paperclip and four pillows. I guess that depends on my definition of "significant" and the relative size of pillow #4. I went through an entire phase of my life when I listened to nothing but weird al music, then another which I refused to believe in pink, and it sucks. But the only difference between chuck norris and oprah winfrey is their dancing ability. Can chuck norris dance? Dam, id like to see that, lol. Oprah too. Haha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
ha. Anonymous

4) Sorry people. Anonymous

5) Still me. That got out of hand. Anonymous

6) EWW. Anonymous

7) U idiot u crazy doof. Anonymous

8) My name is AVRIL LAVIGNE ON CRACK!!!! Anonymous

9) You are awesome #3. Anonymous


11) Guys who do triathalons are always hot. Anonymous

12) That is really really really really really really really funny. Anonymous

13) Anonymous

14) Anonymous

15) Anonymous

16) Eugene mirman is my hero!! Yeah, look it up. Anonymous

17) Dogs running free would make better sense than anyone voting for Obama. Anonymous

18) I would vote for the free running dog before Obama, but it doesn't matter because Obama is president. I won't vote for him the next time around. Anonymous

19) Unlike the blank posts above, I'm being thoughtful enough to actually type something here for others to read when they highlight the post.

And I'm an animal lover, but if dogs ran free, there'd be dogshit everywhere!!

Oh, and you Obama bashers? Bush had 8 years to fuck up the country, and did a stellar job of doing so. You can't expect Obama to fix it in just a little over 5 months.

20) Most dogs go to heaven. Anonymous

21) It was actually Clinton and his policy to allow poor people to buy homes that screwed up the country. Anonymous

22) And, Bush fixed Iraq! That country is already a stellar place and it is only getting better. I'll be planning a vacation there in a few more years. Anonymous

23) But the devil dogs go to hell. Anonymous

24) You will need to watch better where you step into. Anonymous

25) A lot of dogs do run free but they still choose to stay in their owner's yard or very close by. Anonymous

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