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A Random Thought

I ready 4 school 2 start.


1) Are you going to get an education? Anonymous

2) You will be smarter! Anonymous

3) Are you going to college? Anonymous

4) A university? Anonymous

5) High School? Anonymous

6) Do you have school supplies yet? Anonymous

7) =o THANK GAWD! cc

8) Hey aaron. umimbored

9) The girl on top on this comment is stupid. doom69

10) Your face is stupid. umimbored

11) Her name is Cathy ann Escabo from Corpus Christi texas. doom69

12) Whatever it aaron garza from corpus christi tx :D he like to suck on my dick I'm eric. umimbored

13) Cathy like to take 20 cocks all at once. :D. doom69

14) Plus she has a chode. :D. doom69

15) Aaaron likes to stick his finger in his peepee hole. umimbored

16) Whateveer aaron like to take 40 dick up his ass. umimbored

17) I'm very sorry, my dearest child. You will be held back in the 2nd grade for the 45th time. Anonymous

18) Wtf happened here. Anonymous

19) Shabigabigabang! Anonymous

20) Labels are busted! Oh well! I'm going to bed...to fix the search tomorrow! Anonymous

21) Finger bang. Anonymous

22) Conquest! Anonymous

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