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Are all men looking for cybersex online?


1) I'm not. Trey-kun

2) I wasn't really looking, but if you wanted to send a picture over to me, that would be good! Anonymous

3) If a cheeseburger ate a pickle, would it give birth to a giraffe? Anonymous

4) Archibald was a good man, he lived a valiant life, and died a poor broken childless widower. Anonymous

5) FUCK. Anonymous

6) I didn't say funk, I said f u c k. Anonymous

7) You shouldn't say things like that. Anonymous

8) What if the pickle ate the cheeseburger? Anonymous

9) I'd give birth to a baby marmoset! Anonymous

10) Yo. Anonymous

11) Stop it! You stop it right now! Anonymous

12) Or...is it cybersex that is looking for me? Anonymous

13) I mean "men." Not me. But, I guess I wouldn't mind too much if it found me. Anonymous

14) Liar. Anonymous

15) What about the lettuce that gave birth to a rabbit to find out later that it had cheated on the tomato with a archiepiscopal. Anonymous

16) An*. Anonymous

17) Thought. Anonymous

18) Random thought. Anonymous

19) Dirty random thought. Anonymous

20) Dirrrty random thought. Anonymous

21) Are you obviously talking to yourself? Anonymous

22) Naw. You just have to look for the right guy. There are a few good ones out there still. rissa

23) Yep, someone was talking to them self because the time stamps are all about 10 seconds off from each other. What a loser... They made it look like there was more than one person talking to each other. That person needs friends! Anonymous

24) I'm just looking for sex...don't really care what kind it is... Anonymous

25) I want sex.. And I'm a girl. Anonymous

26) OR DID THE CHEESE marry the carrot while still being married to the radish and gave birth to a hippo who ate the radish and the cheese went back to the carrot,who was having an affair with the brussel sprout then they got A DIVORCE THEN THE CHEESE DECided to marry a pineaplle and they had a baby cauliflowewr. Anonymous

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