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Who is your daddy?


1) My daddy is my father!

2) My daddy is my pimp!

3) I'm my daddy!

4) Mine's an alcoholic pervert!!

5) My dad is my dad and I love him. fancy24

6) Slappy dummy man. cutie

7) My daddy is my mother. danielle

8) My dad is in texas. I'm in ohio. I havent seen him in about 5 years. He signed away any rights/custody of me. For money. Guess when I found out about it? Christmas.... And he gave me socks. cc

9) Im sorry buddy. Anonymous

10) My daddy can kick your daddy's ass. leftovercake

11) Tis is the fist thought ever posted on this ap. Anonymous

12) Chess dragon. Anonymous

13) To number 8) : Whomever offered him money to sign away his rights is just as guilty in my opinion. Anonymous

14) My Daddy is GOD BITCHES. Anonymous

15) Uhhh.....retards! It is a figure of speach!!!!!!! Duh!!!! bob chalone

16) This is the second thought ever posted on this app, #11.

http://randomthoughts.ws/gadgets/page.php?lim=1 is the first thought ever posted on here. Anonymous

FAG. Anonymous

18) Unless your a genious, which you obviously are'nt, you can not be my father. Sorry, try again later ;]

-M. Anonymous

19) Comment #18 by '-M' is me, just thought i'd clear that up. -M

20) My daddy is a douche bag

and will someone make that into a song? oreoreogirl

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