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A Random Thought

Why is this duck looking at me cross.


1) I can't answer that. Anonymous

2) Because you are angering it. Anonymous

3) Because you are ugly. Anonymous

4) Maybe it's a christian duck, and he's admiring it. Anonymous

5) The duck hates you.

Tell it to sod off. Anonymous

6) If we are always watching chickens cross and questioning their motives, why can't their fellow fowlthren do the same to us? Anonymous

7) What the fuck is a "fowlthren"? Anonymous

8) Ask your fellow fuckthrens. Anonymous

9) Will dothren! Anonymous

10) Anonymous

11) Because its checking u out-u go duck!!! Anonymous

12) Dolph Lungren.....that's funny...I laughed. But did I spell his name right?! Anonymous

13) I think it's Lundgren Anonymous

14) You guys are gaythren. Anonymous

15) Is that the guy that gave Rocky brain damage? Anonymous

16) No rocky got brain damage from thinking too hard about the duck. Anonymous

17) Rocky got brain damage from that night he was licking Adrienne's vagina, and she had such an intense orgasm, that she closed her legs around his skull so tight, and with such force, that the extreme pressure pushed against his brain, thus causing the damage. Anonymous

18) Because you slept with the ducks wife. Anonymous

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