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Karen smells.


1) I agree. Anonymous

2) Lies lies! It's all liesssss! Anonymous

3) My sisters name is karen.... Not really but I would laugh if it was. Anonymous

4) Lmao
ya o shit!
n so do u >.<. Anonymous

5) Im sat next to karen right now and I can vouch this to be absolutely true. Anonymous

6) I do not smell!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous

7) Yeah she does. Anonymous

8) Karen smells like shit! Anonymous

9) Her alas smell like alas de un borracho. Anonymous

10) Karrrreennnn doooh daaahh dooo dahhh dooo. PS you smell like chunder and poo. Anonymous

11) Does she smell all over, or does just her pussy stink? Anonymous

12) Stinky bitch. Anonymous

13) I like cheese. Anonymous

14) Yarrr pirates. Anonymous

15) Does Karen smell like a smelly pirate? Anonymous

16) I totally agree. Anonymous

17) Karen smells, with her nose. Anonymous

18) Karen picks her butt n smells it I seen her do it hahahahaha. Anonymous

19) Karen really stinks like nasty fart cheeze. Anonymous

20) Hells bells, Karen smells. Anonymous

21) Karen really does reek... Anonymous

22) Anonymous

23) Karen likes fish cuz the small the same lmfco. Anonymous

24) The smell comes from her ass. Anonymous



27) Ooooooohhhhh jingle bells
karen smells
she jumped ito a ditch
did a shit
and cleaned it
and wiped it on her face HEY. Anonymous

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