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If Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land.


1) Chuck Norris cannot beat the epicness of Captain Falcon. Anonymous

2) Chuck Norris can kiss my ass! Anonymous

3) Well if jesus can walk on water...chuck norris is up ur ass...well lookie here he is up ur ass. Anonymous

4) OMG, Chuck Norris! Anonymous

5) People familiar with the Catholic Church are aware of Communion, where the Priest places a small bread wafer on their tongue, and says "the body of Christ. Then, he gives them a sip of wine, or grape juice and says "the blood of Christ".

In the Church of Chuck Norris, the Priest places a Little Smoky sausage on the parishoner's tongue, and says "the penis of Chuck Norris". Anonymous

6) When Chuck norris jumps in water, he doesn't get wet, the water gets chucked. Anonymous

7) When Chuck Norris sneezes, everybody on the planet says ah-choo! Anonymous

8) I mean "bless you" Anonymous

9) Chuck Norris never sneezes, for no microbe will dare invade his nasal passages. Anonymous

10) I'd prefer Jesus over Chuck norris. Anonymous

11) #10, I've heard that sometimes it'll be Jesus on top, and other times Chuck Norris will be on top.

Just depends on whose turn it is to be the dominant one. Anonymous

12) King kong vs godzilla. Chuck Norris won. Anonymous

13) No, King Kong and Godzilla saw Chuck Norris lying on the ground, and each accused the other of taking a dump. Anonymous

14) Anonymous

15) #11, jesus will always be on top! Anonymous

16) Yep, I suppose he will be. Whether he's takin' it up the ass, or givin' it up the ass! Anonymous

17) That is sooo wrong. Anonymous

18) Jesus is soooooooooooooooooo much better than Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris isn't real! Jesus is! Anonymous

19) Anonymous

20) Jesus sure is real! Love the pic .lol. Anonymous

21) Yeah I say jesus is cooler my self I mean chuck norris didnt die to save us from afirey hell. Anonymous

22) That's very very true! Jesus is way cooler! Anonymous

23) Totally true! Jesus rocks! Anonymous

24) Anonymous

25) Anonymous

26) Anonymous

27) Anonymous

28) Anonymous

29) Anonymous

30) Anonymous


A little outdated, but....


32) Anonymous

33) Lame lame lame lame!!!!!!!! Anonymous

34) PENIS. Anonymous

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