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A Random Thought

The Big Cheese!


1) New York City is the Big Cheese! Big time CEOs are known called the "Big Cheese" also!

2) If you were a CEO in New York City, you would be a Big Cheese in the Big Cheese! That is funny!

3) If you were a little CEO, you would be an oxymoron! A Little Big Cheese! Get it?

4) Yes! An oxymoron is a two word statement that contradicts itself.

5) A small large mouth bass is an oxymoron!

6) You mean a small large mouth bass?

7) Small mouth bass...

8) How when you write a-s-s without the -, it changes into butt. The bbutt should be a-s-s without the -.

9) Damn swear blocker!

10) Ha ha...that is kind of funny!!! Anonymous

11) I am going to assassinate you! Anonymous

12) A-s-s-a-s-s-inate. Anonymous

13) =o wow...I enjoy this greatly!!! =D
So if I'm a b ass player in a band...?
hey imma rookie here, leave me alone... cc

14) You little college kids are fools. Anonymous

15) How often should I have a random thought? Anonymous

16) Today is a nice day, I'm sure glad the weather is holding out wonderfully. I'm so glad I don't live on the east coast where all those hurricanes are continually blowing through. Besides, there are too many people over there. Here in the Northwest the climate is so much more "mellow"... Sure it rains a lot but that's why we're so green and our trees are so beautiful. I sure am pleased about the "green" movement going on, we all need to conserve and quit relying on foreign countries, especially regarding oil... Alternative energy sources are sure the way to go... Nuclear is a very safe thing now that technology has advanced. Anonymous

17) Sure is fun watching the the foolish news people. Anonymous

18) I cut the cheese. Anonymous

19) Ummmm....New York is the big APPLE!! Anonymous

20) A cheese covered apple perhaps? Anonymous


| sh o /|
| o o / |
| o -' o|
o ..-''o |
o ,---'' .-
| o .-
| o .-'

22) That was supposed to be a piece of cheese! Anonymous

23) Nice cheese. HAR/. Deep Penetration

24) But the apple rotted so it IS THE BIG CHEESE. Anonymous

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