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A Random Thought



1) FUCKsad smiley((((((.

2) FUCKsad smiley((((((((((((.

3) SHITsad smiley((((((.

4) VAGINAsad smiley(.

5) POOOOOOsad smiley.

6) HOLY SHITsad smiley.

7) Fuckkkkk.

8) Ass.

9) Dyke.

10) AHHHHHsad smiley(.

11) Fuck, I can't swear on hear!

12) Funk, this shit fucking sucks bitch ass shit!

13) F-u-c-k = fuck, s-h-i-t = shit, b-i-t-c-h = bitch, a-s-s = ass, c-u-n-t = cunt.

14) =o...My childhood...its...
gone...just like that! I swear its been slaughtered...!
-cc. cc

15) Hmmmmmmm. Anonymous

16) I think abortion is great. It kills all the worthless liberal babies. COOL!!! Anonymous

17) I think murder is great. It kills people...in general! Anonymous

18) Yes, liberals are 1,458% more likely to be on welfare and cost the tax payers much of their hard earned money! Anonymous

19) However, the're also 1,458% more likely to pay their taxes in the first place.... Anonymous

20) Abort liberalism! Anonymous

21) Abort corporate greed! Anonymous

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