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A Random Thought

It burns when I pee!!!


1) Talk to your doctor!

2) Ask about Valtrex! (carrying on from last person).

3) 1 in 5 American adults have genital herpes. Don't worry, you still have hope!!! happy smiley. Anonymous

4) Stick your penis in a jar of mayonaise then into an ant hill full of fire ants. You won't have to worry about the burning sensation after that. Anonymous

5) Damn spammers! 90% of the 1 in 5 Americans that have herpes, don't even know it! If you slept with 5 people or slept with someone that has slept with 5 people, then odds are, you have the Herpes virus and just don't know it! Most people don't ever show any symptoms, so I guess it really is not a big deal. It is a big deal for them sorry few who have real bad symptoms. Ouch! That must suck! Anonymous

6) I know a song about that (Frank). Anonymous

7) Strangers in the night
You made advances
Your skirt was so tight,
we had some dances,
We'd be making love, before the night was through.
You turned off the light,
I thought it strange but
you said it's all right
so I agreed to
put my cock inside
you said you wanted to..........
We made love all night
and in the morning found my cock did not feel right,
little did I know, you were just a hoe,
now I've got an STD, it hurts like hell to have a pee.
And ever since that night, I'm pissing fire,
It gave me a fright, I shagged a liar,
Take heed of my plight
No strangers in the night!!!..........
doo bee doo bee doo............. Anonymous

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