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A Random Thought

Platinum rings and golden necklaces are for me!


1) I love jewelry. Anonymous

2) I want jewelry for Christmas! Anonymous

3) I want the money then I would purchse other things that I need.

Paula Benson

whotune.com. Anonymous

4) I just want daddy back from his duty at Afghanistan. Anonymous

5) Wow, #4 just made every comment above her look like shallow buttmunches. Anonymous

6) Well said, #5.... Anonymous

7) Whatever, jewelry is still cool... Anonymous

8) Jewelry is cool? Have you watched Blood Diamond? Anonymous

9) I want a diamond that glows in the dark! Anonymous

10) Alien blood glows in the dark. Anonymous

11) Youre all fucking retarded. Anonymous

12) Retarded people are allowed to love jewelry too! Anonymous

13) Ninjas don't wear jewelry. Anonymous

14) Chuck Norris can bite a diamond in half with his teeth! Anonymous

15) Chuck Norris can bite my ass!!! Anonymous

16) Ive never seen chuck norris. Anonymous

17) Can something you've never seen be able to bite your ass? Anonymous

18) I saw a bunny get smashed with a hammer... Anonymous

19) Do smashed bunnies make good jewelry? Anonymous

20) Wow I love you guy y'all got some good shit. Anonymous

21) I saw some shit get smashed by a bunny. Anonymous

22) Jelly Beans are Easter Bunny turds! Anonymous

23) I like giant gems! Anonymous

24) Wow we all must be bored. Anonymous

25) If giant gems are hidden deep underground, then the ground must be bored in order to reach the gems. Anonymous

26) A Diamond a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! Anonymous

27) I want a plutonium wedding ring! Anonymous

28) You won't get to wear a plutonium ring for long cos your finger will fall off from the radiation.

But you'll probably mutate to grow a couple more fingers and you can put the ring back on again. Anonymous

29) Oh Good, I was getting scared when you said my finger will fall off, but I am happy that I will have a couple more new fingers after that! Anonymous

30) You need a pearl necklace. Anonymous

31) O wow dudes. Anonymous

32) Now can anyone even remember what the thought was in the first place? Anonymous

33) Nope they cant. Anonymous

34) Dude has anyone ever thought of brownies with gummy worms? Anonymous

35) No but I want one!!!!! Anonymous

36) Teehee the 35th comment is from me!

and so is this one! Ahhhhhh! Anonymous

37) Mmmm custard creams! Anonymous

38) I have a custard dispenser in my pants..... Anonymous

39) Chuck norris punched a horse and created a giraffe. Anonymous

40) Chuck Norris ate a giraffe & shat out jewelry. Anonymous

41) A lion ate Saddam Hussien, and shat out Chuck Norris. Anonymous

42) Anyone able to follow all this has got to be insane! Now excuse me while I look up a number for a good therapist! Anonymous

43) The rapist usually calls you. Anonymous

44) The jewelry companies are the ones raping you... Anonymous

45) No but I want to rape chuck norris. Anonymous

46) You rape Chuck Norris, you get pregnant with a baby giraffe wearing jewelry. Anonymous

47) #45; is this you?


48) I just pooped my pants. Anonymous

49) I bet chuch norris is in there. Anonymous

50) Wait, who the hell is chuch norris? Anonymous

51) The.... BROTHER... Damn typos... He he he. Anonymous

52) Hey do you know who benjamin button's brother is??? BILLY BUTTON! YEY!!! Anonymous

53) Fuck u retards get a life and stop jacking off infront if the computer screen lame ass fuckers. Anonymous

54) Awww... Someone needs a hug!!! HUG!!!! ^^. Anonymous

55) T-rexes are only angry creatures because their arms are too short to hug each other. Anonymous

56) This is interesting... Anonymous

57) Where's Chuck Norris? Anonymous

58) He's bent over, taking it up the ass, from Waldo. Anonymous

59) No one gives a crap about chuck norris. Anonymous

60) I like Ruby's! Anonymous

61) Why did the multi colored random headed squirrell eat my burrito and runn off with every step he took farting away and laughing manically. Anonymous

62) No.59 prepare to die ,nice knowing u. Anonymous

63) I am the guy that posts the same comment on each thought. Anonymous

64) The same thing happened to me 61. Anonymous

65) Oh yeah well I pissed myself. Anonymous

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