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too tired view>>>

Why do people like Twilight so much? Shitty vampire porn written by a Mormon. And the film's... Kristen Stewart looks like a strung out junkie. Nothing even vaguely attractive. And it's so damn over acted. Rant over view>>>

Toledo Ohio, the United States of America, Planet Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, the Known Universe, The Mind of God view>>>

The king has returned! view>>>

You know how gangsters call women 'bitches'? Its because they call each other 'dawgs'. view>>>

Ever would why some of us like rap music? Well my friend and I thought it was because we like the challenge of learning the words that are quickly said in the song, well like knowing the words of songs that people dont know :D view>>>

i hate falling for the wrong person view>>>


Sorry, but I cannot translate Bitchanese, so go find someone else!!! view>>>

That damn pink n purple zebra took off with my underwear!!!! Someone call the pokodot hippo!!!! view>>>

Men blast gas that smells like rotten shit! But women don't fart, they fluff and it smells like roses view>>>

Telling yourself that you're going to cry again... You look around your room and in a whisper your ask yourself "are you going to cry again?" and it all lets loose, because you have no control. You can't stop it, and don't know why... ~Self proclaimed Teen~ view>>>

For all you know, you've only got one more day to live. Worst part is, you haven't done much of anything with your life have you? Go out and try something you haven't, or die in regrets. view>>>

I was worried about my dog because his penis looked raw and covered in blood. Then I realised he just had a boner. view>>>

I am so bored today view>>>

Why do you keep going day to him? Because of the 1st day you fall inlove with hm... The 1st day you kissed.... The 1st day you shared your love for eachother... The 1st day you hugged... The 1st day we became closest ppl ever... The day I never stopped loving you! view>>>

What does she have that I don't? When she treats you like fucked up shit? And when you know I love you and care for you* view>>>

You should had let me DIE view>>>

Do you ever wish that you had a place to discuss your crush anomiously? Chat to friends about school? Get answers for homework? If so, join the 2 Kool 4 Skool club on Fanpop. Remember to become a fan of it, by clicking on the green button of the right 'become a fan' You'll love it! Here is the ... view>>>

try doing that 21st century trunpet intro with your mouth view>>>

http://bit.ly/MVgqmu vote here for my Puppy Luna to win a cutest pet contest need all votes we can get! Strangers welcome. view>>>

Muffett on a tuffett view>>>

I like reading fanfiction....and then I like the fanfiction better than the real thing.... and then I wish that the real thing had been like the fanfiction.... and then the original fiction is spoiled.... view>>>

Why is there a list of stupid thoughts? view>>>

Hmm if I was just perusing through a site based on random thoughts, I might want to follow @julialesi on twitter. Yup, sounds like a good time. view>>>

Why is it I can see individual craters on the moon but not a star to surround it..I can imagine only the wildest of dreams people chose to live unpredictable lives yet everything in life seems to have a pattern...a number...a complete system yet life itself is completely unpredictable.  Life is a m... view>>>

The sun is round. So why is it greater than 360 degrees? view>>>

Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode! You can get one too! >> minecraftcodes.me view>>>

If aliens invented us, and god invented aliens, and matter created god, who invented this chain of life in the first place? I wanna know! view>>>

can you juice a potato? view>>>

it says something about the world, when before getting a lethal injection, the inmate's arm is sterilised with an alcohol swab view>>>

Sometimes I feel like I can't be sad because I have to be happy so I can cheer my friends up. view>>>

I love Jesus more than anything else! view>>>

Yes Sir, You Are a Sir! view>>>

A super duper dweeb! view>>>

What a dweeb! view>>>

it is sad I still remember my ex's birthday (June 30) who dumped me about a year ago. sadder still I fought with every ounce of my being not to send him a birthday wish. Stupidness of congratulating myself for not succumbing to the urge. either way I am stuck thinking of him when he has completely d... view>>>

WWF No Mercy IS THE TITS!!!!!! view>>>

Turtles Dont need sand to wash there backs on thursday in hawaii view>>>

So who wants to be on my team..or better who wants me in their team ..:( view>>>

I up right and I don't wanna go to work.. I am just sick of it of all this disrespect and unfairness .. And higher staus who use others for their own gain... No sympathy ..I WORK SO HARD.. Not enough credit .. I go to school still and trying to get the business school... But I just come so tired fro... view>>>

You know its right, when it feels right. So if it feels wrong, is it always wrong?? view>>>

Your challange is to not accept this challange. Do you accept the challenge? view>>>

If you look at your hands just random about ten times a day, will you then do the same thing in your dream and realise that you are dreaming? Will that random act then make you lucid dreaming? view>>>

Sometimes what I say fuk it I mean it #smh view>>>

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