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Ever would why some of us like rap music? Well my friend and I thought it was because we like the challenge of learning the words that are quickly said in the song, well like knowing the words of songs that people dont know :D view>>>
You should had let me DIE view>>>
You know its right, when it feels right. So if it feels wrong, is it always wrong?? view>>>
Do.Fail. Do Again. Fail Better.Try". Ethan D.A view>>>
I thought about doing 'IT'.... I decided to do 'IT'.... I did 'IT'.... 'IT' was fun... 'IT' made me laugh...alot.... got in trouble for doing 'IT'....probably won't be doing 'IT' again.... hate 'IT' when that happens! view>>>
If you don't like something, change it; if u can't change it, change the way you think about it.. view>>>
Always wonderd whether there is another planet out there with life on it and they look up at the stars and see are solar system but because of how long it takes for the light to reach them there seeing it from millions of years ago . Also I wonder about what if one of the major stars we look at are ... view>>>
maybe poop tastes like bacon and we're all just too afraid to know it. view>>>
The hardest part about saying what's on your mind isn't always having to tell someone else. Sometimes admitting it to yourself is the hardest thing of all because that means it's real. view>>>
If I could, would you? view>>>
What was in space before space? view>>>
If the world was made of candy and chocolate, how long would it be until someone invents the microwave? view>>>
I may or may not know when the world shall end! view>>>
Baby Cheese - is it really made from babies? view>>>
Yesterday today was tomorrow and tomorrow today is yesterday So in a way we're in the past present and future view>>>
Do fish drink water? view>>>
If being insane is insanity, is wanting to be insane also insanity? view>>>
" Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footsteps on the moon." Does that mean that we have no galaxy? view>>>
What is thought? Do you think you can think a thought that I haven't thought before? Because if you think you can think a thought that I haven't thought before then obviously you're not thinking clearly. Who do you think I Am? view>>>
if every person in the world got together on the island of Ireland except for one man in space who was looking down, would there be enough bodies to cover the entire landscape? so that nothing could be seen except people?.. i wonder.. please share your thoughts view>>>
Spontaneous Human Combustion is a realy Hot subject view>>>
what if our universe was just a child's science project? view>>>
if a guy likes you and you like him but your friends are forcing you both into it. Nothing good comes out of that. nothing. at all. someone please comment with advice! view>>>
What would happen if pigs were to fly and humans ate pie ONLY. view>>>
I think smoked the bear is a recovering pyriholic view>>>
why do people belive in atoms if nobody has ever seen one? its just like my 11 toe. its there trust me view>>>
Knowledge is learned; wisdom is earned. view>>>
Is it ok that I'm a 22 woman and I still love Hello Kitty merch? view>>>
Space does not have an ending if you have a shovel. view>>>
trying to figure out why in the hell you like looking at breasts can spoil the whole experience. view>>>
If your girlfriend/boyfriend died, then turned into A ghost, would you stay with them? (only u can c them) view>>>
Who drew the cartoon character that disguised itself as 'Judge Doom' in the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'? view>>>
My best friend moved in with her boyfriend. They didn't think they needed to be married. Then he had a cerebral hemorrhage and became disabled. Because they weren't married, her boyfriend's adult (barely) children were his legal next of kin, so they were the ones who had to file the disability cl... view>>>
There are two types of people in this world...no, you jack ass, there are a lot more than two types of people in this world! view>>>
Would you put a picture of a missing transvestite a carton of half & half view>>>
Since there was people locked below deck on titanic when the ship sank do you think there soals haunt the wreckage??? Or did the ghosts of them drown too bc of the lack of humans to scare on the ocean floor? Kinda makes you think dont it :P view>>>
If I take a dump, do all the paperwork, then have to take another dump without leaving the seat, does that count as two dumps or just one? view>>>
Should vegetarians eat animal crackers? view>>>
If Firefighters fight fire, And Crime fighters fight crime, Then what do Freemdom fighters fight? view>>>
Who took a bite out of the Apple logo? view>>>
Why do bananas grow upward and all other fruits grow downward? view>>>
Why is it called a building when it is already built? view>>>
Why is it when two planes almost hit each other it is called a "Near Miss" why not a "Near Hit"? view>>>
If the universe is everything, and scientists say the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? view>>>
Where do all the missing socks go? view>>>
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