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Thoughts on Prayer

I love Jesus more than anything else! view>>>
Yes Sir, You Are a Sir! view>>>
on Prayer? I'm just: living on a praaaaayer view>>>
I am waiting for my love, hoping that it will help recover this numb heart. view>>>
Donuts is like religion .... they both have holes ... and fat people love both!!! view>>>
Pray to my lord! view>>>
I like to run around my house naked, stand at the window and wait for my neighbour to see then run away giggling, I then wink at him when I see him. Its my gulity pleaure ;] view>>>
I am so glad that prayer is open to me. I need so much help for wisdom. Paula www.myspace.com/paualbenson view>>>
Do you pray only when things are going wrong? Do you thank God everyday for things you were given that you don't know about? www.myspace.com/paulabenson view>>>
prayer is a life desition give your life to the lord and see what happens view>>>
I pray Tuffy wins the contest on allaccesskaraoke.com or me !! I hope we get the most votes !! view>>>
Pray to Jesus and You Will Be Saved! view>>>
Prayer helps because it is telling your brain to try to achieve something. view>>>
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