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Thoughts on Love

Why do you keep going day to him? Because of the 1st day you fall inlove with hm... The 1st day you kissed.... The 1st day you shared your love for eachother... The 1st day you hugged... The 1st day we became closest ppl ever... The day I never stopped loving you! view>>>
What does she have that I don't? When she treats you like fucked up shit? And when you know I love you and care for you* view>>>
You don't know how much you love him until loving him is all you have left view>>>
You don't realize how much you love him until he's gone. view>>>
I went on the first date with this lady. She ended up coming home with me. When we got to my house, I handed her the broom & some dish detergent. I had then directed her to clean my kitchen. She refused and left. I'm not calling her back for a second date! view>>>
Don't change for the one you love. I tried to act tough and swear so the boy of my dreams would like me...but you know what? Find a person that likes you for who you are. C view>>>
I lover her and she knows it. But she don't feel the same about me right now. I want to tell her "I love you" every day but I dont want that to make her think im trying to make her love me back and push her away. So I just say it with my mind instead of my mouth #speaking from the heart view>>>
A majority of my thoughts consist of your love I dream each night of what we used to share Now that your back from school for summer There is a small chance I will say nothing Only if you don't return my call The space you need, I will grant The love you need, I will grant If I can't; I wil... view>>>
When you are too much in love with someone, you would never notice too much of love given by someone else.. view>>>
I love my wife more than anything, but why do I want to have sex with other women? I haven't cheated on her and I won't, so why is it that I just want to taste another woman's lips? Why is it that I want to feel another woman's legs wrapped around me...? view>>>
kiss me 'till I'm purple. view>>>
I honestly do this to myself. I feel bad because I'm probably playing with your feelings, and it fucks mine up too. I don't like you and I don't want to date you. Can we stop hooking up? I say things I don't mean and it's awkward. Your personality is like acid to me so it wouldn't work. If we didn't... view>>>
Love isn't fair,you know? What do you do when you have two people who love each other and want to be with each other but aren't allowed? There he is - still loving me and wanting to get married - despite the fact that I have to say no. Yet I don't mean it. I love him. I love him for who he is. He's ... view>>>
He likes me too! view>>>
Lucky to have loved at all. I was the lucky one, Chris. Lovers can be torn apart by war. Lovers can be torn apart by death. We were torn apart by selfishness that smothered our love as we watched with pride. So why then, do i miss you, if I know it was recklessly ended by me? view>>>
Any one else have a shitty boyfriend? view>>>
I wish she would let me have other sex partners in bed with us... I love sex. :) view>>>
maried men live longer than than single men but maried men are more willing to die. view>>>
Don’t buy flowers. Don’t buy me gifts. Don’t celebrate anniversaries. There needs not be commitment or promises, nor time spent on declarations. Let’s talk about the moons and stars, and philosopher kings. Let’s push some boundaries. Let’s fall prey and pray to our mortal skins. view>>>
I love love and hate hate. view>>>
The things I'd do to have another shot with you. view>>>
My current relationship situation reminds me an NBA team... My girlfriend of two years is going to college this year. I am already in college and the one shes going to is very far from me. At first i was really upset about the though of breaking up, but after rationalizing the situation I compare... view>>>
Well there she goes, the girl of my dreams. The latest girl of my dreams that is… Well first, more about me. I guess I am your average guy, nearly 20, tall, medium build, dark blonde hair, green eyes. I’m into music (it’s my world), cars, sports, you know, normal ‘guy stuff’. But I see... view>>>
and we were together. Straight (heh) out of that Hockney painting! (or the poem,) But whatever. You know me, I know you. Let's stay here until it gets dark. view>>>
Keets, I'm in love with you and I know you feel the same soo what are yo so afraid of? view>>>
I'm 34 and for the first time in my life I have truly fallen in love with women that I have known for 3 years. The kind of love that when you see them with someone else, it hurts not just emotionaly but physically. Oh did I mention that I haven't met her yet? I'm such a looser! view>>>
I got diagnosed with cancer. I'm a girl. And I'm in love. I love Soya. But she doesn't know about it. yet. FML view>>>
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well, I guess this only makes me weaker and weaker every day! WTF am I doing? view>>>
Love is such a confusing thing. So confusing that it causes your inner self to become a new you. view>>>
To Boy lover: Never tell a girl you like, that you can see yourself in the reflection of their eyes, then proceed to check yourself and fix your hair. view>>>
Hmm, okay, gimme a sec to consider this. Just like to come out and say this whole thing's like fuckin' bliss. Even if this rap's just a part of a little game. That don't mean you ain't still ain't my little dame. (lol cheesy) That makes me feel really lame, right there. None of you audience h... view>>>
orlando meza esqueda, te amo! -M.M.M view>>>
What if I'm the missing piece? I've been looking for the piece missing from his puzzle for so long...What if I'm it? view>>>
David Berry of Skerries, Dublin - I like you. view>>>
It sucks. Husband needs "space" and all I want to do is scream. 9 years of marriage and almost 11 of being together... three kids and he needs "space." Now we have to truck the kids around like they are lifestock and have to figure out all kinds of crap that just makes me get even more mad... SPACE?... view>>>
Somedays he makes me miserable and others happy. Why can't it always be the latter? #Hopelessly Stuck view>>>
i still deeply madly in love with alfi view>>>
Cant wait to find that 1 love view>>>
Love isn't just seeing the beauty of another, or sharing interests, or trying to complete your life. Love is the desire to do anything, give up anything, without regards to yourself or anyone else, all in the effort to make the person you love happy... view>>>
Its sad when one loves another, but isn't loved back. But its even sadder when one knows they aren't loved back, but still loves another. view>>>
today can go FUCK OFF. and so can everyone else beating the idea into my head that there's something flawed with the fact that I don't have a significant other and no one gave me any GOD DAMN chocolate. Happy V-Day FUCKERS. view>>>
Is there such a thing a love at first sight? view>>>
Following your feelings is a journey that is best traveled if it is a two lane road. view>>>
Why did you leave me? come back! view>>>
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