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Thoughts on Life

If aliens invented us, and god invented aliens, and matter created god, who invented this chain of life in the first place? I wanna know! view>>>
Sometimes what I say fuk it I mean it #smh view>>>
You don't realize how strong you are until being strong is your only option view>>>
I'm pretty sure that no one I know used this website, so...I love you James Paice! I want to tell you how I feel, but I can't! ...And everytime I try, I feel so weak! view>>>
Be yourself. view>>>
i hate when all my friend turn into a blueberry view>>>
My life plan includes fucking a duck, marrying it and then having an affair on the duck with a kangaroo. I know. It is pretty sad. view>>>
What if we all had a second "true name"? Not one of our choosing, but one that represented a trait we had. For example, "John's" true name would be "Courage" or something of the sort. What would yours be? view>>>
Everything happens for a reason. view>>>
Popcorn is like styrofoam. view>>>
The more you are away, the more you are not there.... I mean not there! Life gets away from you, gets away and your wife and step kids start slowly hating you...no matter what you do or don't do- they will ALWAYS like their shit head of a father better. Even though you are the one supporting them a... view>>>
when i die does the universe cease to exist, or is my life so insignificant that the universe refuses to fathom my death view>>>
Its so strange, to long for the old things. To long for a time where things were different. My name was Joanna. I was smart, confident; I was pure. Looking back I remember all the places I had been to. The hotels we spent our retreats in. The time I went to winter camp and begged God to forgive me o... view>>>
When someone is red, they are mad When someone is blue, they are sad When someone is lonely, they are orange, because there is no word that rhymes with orange view>>>
taken from here I’ve often seen my life as being very happy. There are no conflicts at home. I’m doing well in school. I’ve some very nice friends, an amazing girlfriend, and even a family that loves me and is proud of me. However; lately I’ve reali... view>>>
why cant everyone be friends ? view>>>
Wouldn’t it be nice, To stay one on one with your mind. Forget the time, There’s nowhere to go for you to rush. Enjoy your life, While paralyzed you fly through the sky. Just close your eyes, And fill in the emptiness inside. Teenah view>>>
Somehow everyone likes to be sad now. Well, not everyone. But a lot of teenagers, including me, like getting stuck in our own sorrow. Is it because we like feeling sorry for ourselves? Or do we find it cool, being pessimistic? Hm, I really don't know... view>>>
I'm 21 did well in high school and ok in college but caught caught with a small amount of pot. So I like smoking and can't quit now on probation and if I fail a piss test I will go to jail despite paying over10000 for a small sac of weed. Oh by the way if I fail a test I'm just going to slit my of... view>>>
You have choices, I have mine. I respect yours, you respect mine. by Rgavill76 view>>>
I realized today that I could never have an eating disorder, I love to eat too much, I'm afraid to throw up and ruin my teeth (or have my dentist lecture me). I tried to take a laxative to make my stomach pain go away thinking that it'd empty out my stomach after eating too much, but this is day two... view>>>
Feeling depressed? Listen to 'in the mood' music. Feeling hyper? Listen to 'even more in te mood' music. view>>>
{ alert("henco smells"); } view>>>
I beat up people that are smaller than me. Well, they have to be a lot smaller than me. And, I don't beat up Chinese people that are smaller than me because they might be a ninja. view>>>
one night I'm doing laundry at a 24 hour laundromat after work at about 2 in the morning and there is a homeless man trying to sleep on the other side of the place. I guess I woke him up with my activity and we got to talking and he said that he "didn't want to play life on life's terms" to which I ... view>>>
Taco cats do not make apple juice, but make the eyes of the rainbow. FEEL IT! view>>>
I give thanks for today as I share my life with my wonderful wife and precious son. Life is not perfect but it is precious and we must always remember that when we feel a bit sad or like our world is falling apart. We must always live with love in our life and hope in our heart. view>>>
why is it when you try to remember what important thing to say you forget or it feels so close but moves away like a magnet the closer you get? view>>>
onr day we will meet our maker but untill then trust no 1 they will use you view>>>
They really need a sarcasm font. view>>>
everything is shit view>>>
I just realized that I'm at the age where my friends' relationship statuses on FB could be "engaged" and I can't tell if they're serious or not. view>>>
Life is a poker chip. view>>>
Life is barely what you expect but atleast it defies your expectations - Nikhil Kartha view>>>
lets talk about change what is change? change is what that gives a new turn or a new twist to ur life change can be of anything good or bad all what matters is its impact on U how u perceive change view>>>
fikinky is an amazing word :D view>>>
The past is irretrievable The future inconcievable Living for now Is all we know how. view>>>
If I'm only getting older does it mean that I'm on one? view>>>
I believe we will be the death of ourselves in the next 30 years or so when we all starve to death or drown, or get exploded and there will be a mass extinction soon... i can feel it coming. view>>>
I dont want to live anymore view>>>
It's a beautiful day outside, and I'm happy that its beautiful, but I have no urge to go out and enjoy it. I'm lying in my bed, with sun coming in through the window and I'm happy just not moving playing with my thoughts and watching cartoons. What does the outside world have to offer that I cannot ... view>>>
Never throw sh*t at a man with a gun. Never stand beside the guy throwing sh*t at the man with the gun. view>>>
I remember being happy and having fun, with no worries about the future; A time with no goals or ambitions beyond enjoying the day. I remember life before a mortgage, savings account, and retirement plan; A time when I only worried about having enough money for gas and food to go have fun with fr... view>>>
Wow, that light bulb that's flickering in a seemingly random fashion is actually occurring as such due to a capacitance built up on one side of the tungsten filament until it discharges sending electrical flow through the tungsten, causing photonic emission through heated excitation, which then diss... view>>>
I dont believe in love. view>>>
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