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This is some life advice for you: There are a whole bunch of correct ways to do things and there are a whole bunch of wrong ways to do things. You should try to do things one of the correct ways and avoid doing things the wrong ways. view>>>
People who have something bbad to say, never feel good about themselves. view>>>
the word yellow has Yell Ow in it view>>>
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream view>>>
mothers are fathers brothers are sisters sisters are mothers and fathers are brothers view>>>
I'm bored. view>>>
OMG .. I just farted . Hope no one noticed . view>>>
Acquire muscle; burn fat! view>>>
people that only think in themselves should try to live with themselves for a looong time view>>>
http://www.gofundme.com/nwpsw please anything will help! view>>>
Settling down in the suburbs. I'm just not ready yet! Why should I be ready? I'm in my early 20s! I've only just left home in the suburbs and now I'm going to be back there less than two years later with a husband to be! I'm not ready for this, SO not ready for this..... view>>>
What God wants God gets. If this is so, does God want athiests? view>>>
I wish it would rain on me today. view>>>
I feel bad for the younger generations. Growing up we had love songs that didn't involve cursing and even when there was profanity, the artists tried their best to bleep them out. And most importantly songs that had meaning (sort of, excluding Milkshake). Now the kids will have LMFAO 'Sexy and I ... view>>>
Why I am so stupid? view>>>
Even on our best days we struggle against time, on our worst days we struggle against ourselves, what we have to do is seek a way to be happy in our struggles and not let them overwhelm our lives. There is no such thing as a struggle free day, just days that are easier to enjoy despite the struggle.... view>>>
Be sure to like Chogan on facebook view>>>
Drunk girls are annoying as eff view>>>
.you cannot polish a turd. view>>>
..you cannot wake those who pretends to be asleep. view>>>
Those first two guys who thought Superman was a bird or a plane, why were they so excited? view>>>
Im lost. Essay Killer wanted. view>>>
Mmmmm I think Rainbow Dash would taste like Skittles. view>>>
Can i hide in your purse then? D: view>>>
Happy New Month! view>>>
I just made a tip to the FBI due to my high-tech investigative skills on someone that was trying to rip me off. view>>>
Sometimes I taste my thoughts to see what it would feel like to eat brilliance. view>>>
Have you ever wondered am I real?? view>>>
Set Fire to the Rain? What an evil bitch Adelle is! Is that supposed to be some metaphorical statement to wipe out life? She is worst than Hitler! What the hell did the animals ever do to her? Maybe she should be mad at people because they made fun of her obesity her whole life and want them to be w... view>>>
http://iTunesGenerator.com/?i=404057 get free gift cards if click on link view>>>
Seriously.... 4 shits in one morning.... view>>>
If you love me..WHY ARE YOU WITH HER............? view>>>
If my Aunt has balls, would she be my Uncle? view>>>
Now all my bloods yell SUWU and DADA DOE view>>>
Someone to should genetically engineer the genes of a cow and add some olive DNA so that they produce milk with unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat. It would be much healthier for people to drink. They would have to test the effects it would have on human offspring because it might give them ge... view>>>
pineapples are groovy view>>>
Denzel Washington should play Al Green in a movie, possibly in a documentary! view>>>
2012... Bring. It. On. view>>>
Rubber Bands Work Better When They Are Put In A Freezer view>>>
Just relax..chill out. Seriously, it's not THAT long till you get to go back to work - just wait it out. Why don't you just stop thinking about work, and use this time to unwind & refresh so you can go back in the new year and do EVEN BETTER next year! view>>>
Life is just unfair... you live with one person almost your entire life, love her, take care of her... and all of the sudden, some scary ass illness tries to take this someone from your life! =/ view>>>
Argh! The holiday season....On one hand I can't wait to be back with the family, relaxing and getting away from all the city rush. On the other hand, I've still got sooooo much to deal with in the week before Christmas including last minute present shopping for a really important person in my life (... view>>>
everything is so segregated in america, even people of the same ethnicities are divided into different "classes." when i observe people in europe, i see traits of intelligent, high class and lower/the undesirable class equally distributed in people. the mixture of these traits manifests with their f... view>>>
msgme(); function msgme() { alert("crappy website"); msgme() } view>>>
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