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Stupid Thoughts

I was worried about my dog because his penis looked raw and covered in blood. Then I realised he just had a boner. view>>>
Why is there a list of stupid thoughts? view>>>
it is sad I still remember my ex's birthday (June 30) who dumped me about a year ago. sadder still I fought with every ounce of my being not to send him a birthday wish. Stupidness of congratulating myself for not succumbing to the urge. either way I am stuck thinking of him when he has completely d... view>>>
"Honey, I'm home!" "Dude, why you goin' all Bill Cosby?" view>>>
Im a muffin view>>>
CHARLIE THE UNICORN!!!!!!!! view>>>
why is grass green view>>>
Zen Navigation on Wikipedia is fun! view>>>
Last night i had a dream. and i cant remember what it was about. but the more i thouoght about it the more i thought that my brain probly blocked it out because it was naughty..... i feel like a bad person now. view>>>
water fountains make my teeth cold view>>>
i have a craving for a shirley temple mocktail right now.... view>>>
I wish you were here. view>>>
Every day the sun sets over that hill (look out the window, now a bit to the left, Yes! Its that hill) This happens every day, and now there is a huge pile of dead suns, and thats how global warming happens. view>>>
How was milk invented ? view>>>
why is grape purple and not blue view>>>
Imagine if someone spoke parsel tongue... and they had a lisp :D view>>>
Hi stupid people, how is first grade treating you? view>>>
Black Bears are in fact black-random educational show about black bears view>>>
an arrow flies strait and true. fruit flies like a bananna. :3 view>>>
rugrats makes my feet hurt... view>>>
Today I barked at my dog and she plainly told me that I was stupid and I didn't know what I was talking about. I was just asking if she had a good day! view>>>
i just crapped myself and ate it view>>>
If you mess with the ass, you get the fart view>>>
Some 1 should invent a pressure washer for ur house. Came up with this great idea when it was my turn 2 clean the bathroom. Idea worked Awesomely! view>>>
If chivalry were an animal, it would be an endangered species. view>>>
Minnows have teeth in their THROAT. view>>>
were all losers view>>>
when the ZOMBIE virus is an up roar meet us in the hills off the pacific coast north of redding there you will find; heavy ammunition, barricaded walls, plenty of food and water, beds, xbox, a 6 pack of coronas and a couple big black dildos. tell your friends. view>>>
Why are girls such bitches? Theyre like dogs they beg for attention view>>>
I wanted to grow a pickle plant, so I got the seeds out of the middle of a pickle and planted them. They did not grow... I've been looking at all the plant shops for pickle seeds, but no luck. I've been looking all over Google on how to grow a pickle plant, but it seems like now one knows how. view>>>
What do penises smell like... view>>>
How cam flying birds fly through the night air? view>>>
Can't decide if it's ewww or mmm that my poo smells like last nights queso. hmmmm view>>>
"Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!" - Ezekiel 13:3 "Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness."- Matthew 3:15. view>>>
Oh for GOODNESS' sake why does NOCILE SCHERZINGER have to be at number one this week? It should be the wanted!! Emma Stockton is a duck Mrs Brady is epic JK she's fat. I love mr morgan JK he's a homo. view>>>
Why do humans have crooked faces...look closely at your face in the mirror for a period of time. You will see the imperfection. view>>>
I wonder what that hippopotamus over there is thinking. view>>>
Emos draw rainbow unicorns that ride monkeys and rape and eat carebears and ailens view>>>
I want to drink the coolaid man view>>>
Why isn't eleven pronounced onety one? view>>>
it would be funny if there was a dorito flavord icecream! view>>>
every were i look i see idiots expecily the peps reading this view>>>
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