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The Police are business and not there to protect us. If they took as long to hand out parking tickets, jay walking, swearing or spitting whatever nonsense, they'd make less Money. Since they don't get bonus for catching a murderer it makes sense to tax the people plus use the police to fine us ext... view>>>
i wonder why fred flinstone could make a stpne car move and stop with just his feet but we now days need big engines and gas... view>>>
Boredom is wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. view>>>
Dear world, The glass is half full...of rat poison. Sincerely, an optimistic pessimist view>>>
Was she with someone last night? view>>>
Reading Dworkin's theory of law. He starts describing an imaginary judge, Hercules, who can decide law really well, 'cause he has super powers. Suddenly realise that Dworkin is fucking with me. It has taken a Herculean effort to read his argument, I'm pulling an all nighter, class is tomorrow, an... view>>>
This bitch. I swear. Stop judging people for every fucking thing. You're like 40 and can't make coffee. view>>>
Sometimes I just need to Google things. Like write now when I have a headache. You think it'd make more sense to take an Advil, but no, I Googled instead. view>>>
The first drops of rain in the desert are always sacrificed so that the other drops may bring about a luscious greenery to it. view>>>
Septic services in Hunterville are a big help to new home owners and those who relocated to this area. Correctly identifying locations of septic systems is performed reliably by Lake Norman Septic. This is part of their expertise acquired in 43 years of a family-owned business. With a staff that has... view>>>
I wish my penis was bigger than 7 inches view>>>
So today my wife ran the dishwasher and she put plates in there that still had some food on them, when the dishwasher was done they were clean. This is no big deal as it's whats suppose to happen... The thing is no matter how hot the water is when i run it from the faucet it never cleans the dishes ... view>>>
ever wondered where Amelia Earheart went to? view>>>
I hate cheese. I love turtles. What doo u hate/luv? view>>>
Sometimes I feel so numb on the outside while volcanoes erupt inside. view>>>
What is everyones obsession with mah ring pop! >:( view>>>
Your sound card works perfectly. view>>>
feel kinda sorry for people of the future who have to learn all that history we learned and then some in school... theyre gonna have too much music/music to even keep up with any new + all the old.. speaking of school why do they make you take a bunch of courses in college that have nothing at al... view>>>
Its May already! view>>>
If I were a bumble bee I would be the best bumble be there ever was. view>>>
what would you do if you looked in the mirror and you werent there? view>>>
I can't imagine having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go feed a baby. My daughter sleeps cuddled up next to me. If she wakes up hungry, she just latches on and eats til she falls back to sleep. It's so much easier this way and we ALL sleep better! view>>>
I wonder how long until class ends..... view>>>
The burnt potato chips in the bag are the best ones. view>>>
That damn deck of cards could be the death of my bank account. view>>>
In my world, everyones a pony. And they eat rainbows and poop out butterflies. view>>>
There are easier ways to prove to the world you are a moron than by driving badly view>>>
I wonder what it would be like to dress up like a pirate, live on NeverLand and run around chasing Capt. Hook all day with a little wooden sword yelling, "Bang-a-Rang".... and if I had my own little fairy like Peter Pan... I'd name her Frodo!! view>>>
“Life’s Little Roadmap…or Lack Thereof” If life is a journey, then someone on the other side screwed up. How many people do you know who don’t at least bring a map with them, when taking a journey? Let’s face it we were thrown to the wolves, left to fend for ourselves. When God gave us free ... view>>>
For Sarah ... view>>>
Math problem. The only place where someone can buy 75 cantalopes and no wonders or asks why. view>>>
People are hilarous! view>>>
People are like toads. view>>>
Frightning Lightning Sighting Brightening Lighting Nightly view>>>
i Love Walking Alone In a Public place where Iam In a Place Where I have no connections with anybody view>>>
Put GPS on hookers to see where they go on a map view>>>
If I get a pie will it eat me? view>>>
Imagine a world without end Where we can laugh and play without mend Imagine a world without end Where we can live and dream without bend Imagine a world without end Where we can love and commit without rend view>>>
Is the plural of "cactus" "cactuses"? Or would you say "cacti"? view>>>
I thought of you today... I wonder if you're okay.. And I hope that we can someday have a cup of coffee or explore the city together...Time will tell... view>>>
Any woman is ironman. Now, following a bit of geometric proofs, we can come to that conclusion. Women=ironman Female=ironman Female=iron+male Female=Fe+male Female=Female This is proven because female is a woman. Fe is the chemical symbol for iron. Male is a synonym for man. view>>>
I hope she was legal... view>>>
Some days you just want to scream at the gummy bears view>>>
Lets call mexicans "Mexi-fries" view>>>
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