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Been depressed lately. Thinking about a lot of things. Recent college grad. Seems like nothing is going right. I don't mean to be selfish and I know life could be a lot worse, but this entire year I've been more and more depressed 2029991800 view>>>
In his own write, He filled jam jars with Marmite, As Cane and Abel's cobra bite, Killed Dennis Hopper dead as night, Christ knows he was keen, To keep his anaconda clean, Since those pesky vipers, Killed the bourgeois fishing charter scene view>>>
Today I am seeing something pretty weird if I flip the lights very on an off fast and wait on the last time I everything goes blue or purple tint and slowly fades to black but if I start to wave my hands while looking In mirror and do the same thing with the lights the mirror image of me freezes. I ... view>>>
I wanna eat yogurt and blue m&m's from someone's foot view>>>
http://graceisawkward.blogspot.com/ I just started a blog about being awkward. You should check it out! view>>>
Lonesome glory. view>>>
Echos in eternity. view>>>
I'm a sleepwalking brick. view>>>
i enjoy hippos view>>>
Emos like to draw rainbow unicorns that ride shrimp and play with carebears view>>>
A goat on a box view>>>
i have pure bred boston terriers for sale for 200 each contact me at medontask@yahoo.com view>>>
im 0k with this view>>>
You just lost The Game! view>>>
People get mad at me when I wear more than one badge of the same type, but why then do they give the badge out again if not to wear them all? Why not just re-give the same badge? Save the planet and my sanity... view>>>
Helen Lauren ... I love you :) I will forever be your Guardian Angel view>>>
Why can't you just speak normally in a text message! It's not that hard! view>>>
I.Need.Summer...NOW view>>>
I want $250,000. Fruit cups don't taste good. Television wastes my life away. I love pizza, nachos and beer! Driving is a necessity! view>>>
Its new years and I'm just here! All alone nicee right?. No of cource its not But when everyone turns there back on you.. what other choice do you have but to endure it? view>>>
Cheese! Pie! Football! I'm hungry. view>>>
.ws domains might be more popular if people thought it stood for .WebSite. view>>>
1 tool box 3 bars of soap 2 bottles of cologne 6 dollars 1 rocking chair 1 broken fan view>>>
I fell and hit my head today. view>>>
Sometimes the quietness can be so deafening... view>>>
The grand piano makes it feel like it is a party! view>>>
Warped line Gets Shittier Every Year! view>>>
pop the pills. pills to pop. pop-a-pop-a-pop. view>>>
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