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Watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, while wearing a DC shirt. Yeah, I'm just that cool of a girl. view>>>
get personal with them i love you ... - patrick star view>>>
Sisters are brats, but you've got to have 'em view>>>
Rolling an armadillo is like chopping nachos view>>>
ahhh people is sad. cdndns view>>>
Me. You. Bed. Now. view>>>
I found a dime by the toilet :D view>>>
How the HELL is this random?!?!?!? view>>>
TheToolbag was here view>>>
Susan, When we broke up eight months ago it was for a reason. The reason was that you would be leaving soon and that I wouldn't be able to stand being alone. Always waiting to see you, not being able to be a part of your life, being alone. The thought killed me. After two and a half years you wer... view>>>
i love waffled. like Donkey, in shrek. view>>>
Champagne is not green. that's just the bottle. view>>>
you are a shooting star thats why you are my favorite view>>>
The movie Deliverance disturbed me! view>>>
Listening to sad songs doesn't make you get happier. :^(( view>>>
Need Ideas for a Crazy Rap!! view>>>
Sharks are pretty scary especially when you are swimming near one. Randomness is awesome!! view>>>
I'd rather kiss a gerbil than penetrate a cactus. Right? view>>>
Why is it that a supposedly kind, caring and merciful God allows people to perpetrate small spiteful meannesses and unkindnesses? Maybe God can't block all the big stuff-- terrorist attacks and physical assaults and major destruction. But why can't an all-powerful, all-merciful God strike people w... view>>>
Uhm. Shrimp are the cockroaches of the ocean. view>>>
My head has a face on it. My hand is barefoot. My cat has a dog house. Codfish are purple. Let's go eat Bob on a Purple Friday while he's wearing his sexy flappers in a Walmart, while booty dancing. And don't got booty dancinf in Walmart because it gets you nowhere. view>>>
I had a dream my step-mom made me bike-pedal a train in the morning somewhere to deliver some random things and made me miss my exams. view>>>
YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Upcoming events ! Dying hair: today :D Dynasty Warriors 7: 1 day Vacation trip: 3 days view>>>
I need to get some anti-dandruff shampoo and some gasoline. Maybe, I will play some poker, too. But, I really should go to class. What about you? view>>>
Curse you tiny toilet... curse you. view>>>
Hmmm Hair or Bald ?? Blowjobs are such hard work !!! :// view>>>
/)_- lolno view>>>
lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo... view>>>
Boobies, boobies, everywhere view>>>
U suck! muahahahaha view>>>
i love being a dork. i honestly dont see why people bother trying to be cool. it takes too much energy and being a dork is just so darn fun. view>>>
i freakin love harry potter! view>>>
Kieron Parry (girl) am i pretty?(boy)NO(girl)do u want to b with me forever? (boy)NO (girl)would u cry if i walked away?... See More... See More... See More... See More... See More... See More... See More... See More... See more... See more... See more... See more... See more... See More... See Mo... view>>>
im always mario in mario kart...no i dont want to be yoshi....if i cant be mario then im not playing! view>>>
Hi there! I am not a kid..... or am I? view>>>
i have the song "alleluia" stuck in my head view>>>
A telephone rattles past the beer. view>>>
*gush* I've met the most amazing person in the world. Staggeringly intelligent, quick-witted, with a mind-bogglingly awesome sense of humour, impeccable taste in music, films and books, widely educated, a brilliant writer, a wonderful pianist, and with good looks to boot. It's walking, talking... view>>>
All the things that are good in life are illegal, fattening or bad for you. view>>>
the lonely ash grove view>>>
computers will one day be too smart.they will take over the world and kill us ALL!! view>>>
I love Aaron Moses view>>>
Rainbow Rave, Ummm Yummy (;By Jodie Barker JB view>>>
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